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Day 3 - A Train takes Shape

2014 Session B - SeniorsJoshua RothhaasComment

Most blogs start with the morning, and fail to catch a glimpse of the mysterious and mostly undocumented portion between the publishing of the blog and the bedtime rituals, especially when the blog gets published early. And so, an exclusive glimpse into the dining room at tinkering school after lights out yesterday evening:

Excited after our first full day of building, a group of die-hard tinkers, running on the energy tinkering school (and cups of hot chocolate) infused in them, stay up into the night. We talk, and draw to keep our hands busy - on goldfish boxes, paper, and in Althea's case, our pants.

IMG 4752

IMG 4755

IMG 4761

The morning begins more slowly today - the tinkerers trickle into breakfast just a hair off the normal pace. We start off the day with knot-tying lessons from Josh in the barn - which offers a nice break from thinking about our project, and a chance to gather as a large group.

IMG 4770

Josh shows Grace the bowline.

IMG 4784

Junior Collaborator Serena cuts lengths of rope with a hot knife - to ensure each tinkerer is well-equipped to learn the essentials. And to get a chance to play with the propane torch.

IMG 4816

Mike takes a minute to help Miranda out.

IMG 4841

And then it's off to work! Team Nooi pick up where they left off with the following cart - Eric, Bay and Kieran attach the bearing.

IMG 4862

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Naomi, fascinated by this morning's lesson, grabs the knot book and continues to work out how to tie new knots.

IMG 4865

Your (perhaps?) Daily Sheep.

IMG 4885\

The proper way to inscribe your name on a project you've poured your time into, Mike tells me.

IMG 4886

Mac takes a moment to examine a wheel.

IMG 4891

How many tinkerers do you need to use a drill press? Bay, Eric and Kieran all get in on the action.

IMG 4899

As the morning glow floods into the barn, Team Piki heads outside to test one of their following carts for the first time.

D7K 4974

Superman! Sol gets a ride up the hill.

D7K 4994

We stop to tinker with the cart - Mac checks the connection he's been responsible for making.

D7K 5006

After testing, it's back to the barn to work - shoring up the back beam, attaching more braces for the wheels, and adding wheels to the second following cart.

Meanwhile, in the barn, Reid works on Piki's engine car - even though the hinge system for complex steering is in place, their are still steering details to be worked out.

D7K 5023

Nooi, not wanting to miss out on the action, take their cart out too. Yes, it will hold two people!

IMG 4928

Lucy, one of the ranch dogs, comes out to watch.

D7K 5029

This earns her the adoration of the tinkerers. Petting ensues.

D7K 5030

Rachel has rapidly become a pro with the drill press. As in all of the tinkering school projects involving wheels, the ability to produce wheel boxes must be rapidly acquired.

D7K 5043

The barn floor is strewn with busy tinkerers, working away.

D7K 5062

Even though the chop saw has worked all day today, Mike takes the extra second to use the handsaw - just because.

D7K 5064

Miranda and Althea talk over Nooi's steering plans with Josh.

D7K 5092

The Piki's engine car is destined for large wagon wheels in the back. Junior Collaborator Serena and Reid take a moment to figure out where, exactly, they should be placed.

D7K 5089

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Kieran concentrates as he screws in an eyebolt.

D7K 5102

Portrait of a Junior Collaborator: Rhody at work.

D7K 5108

Sol takes a moment to appreciate the precision steering while the Piki engine car is held upright.

D7K 5112

Josh and Mike (who's visiting) share a laugh.

D7K 5153

A Nooi cart - upright and majestic.

D7K 5158

Teamwork! Bay and Eric take a look at where they're planning to screw into.

IMG 4973

Althea gets in there to attach the screw at an angle.

IMG 5015

The Piki engine cart is coming together quickly enough for the confident engine team (Reid, Hannah and Mike) to pause and share a joke with the rest of the Piki.

IMG 5055

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Mac, ever busy.

IMG 5061

Piki's steering team pulls Josh in to discuss their ambitious goals - simulate rack and pinion steering with paracord, a caster bearing, and some 2x3.

D7K 5199

The weather outside is wonderful, and because of the immense amount of action inside the barn, we haven't had the chance to enjoy it. So we set up lunch outside, and tell the scenario type riddles that start with a vague statement: "A man is dead in the middle of a desert surrounded by bicycles" and where those trying to answer the riddle must first ask yes/no questions to learn more information. Laughter fills the air.

IMG 5111

IMG 5136

Portrait of a Collaborator: Nova as she cleans up lunch.

IMG 5145

After a visit to the goats, we head back to the barn, . Rachel and Grace (not shown) grab the paint and set to work painting the Piki caboose/trailer.

D7K 5238

In the back of the barn, the Nooi get right back to work.

D7K 5240

Your Daily Goat(s).

D7K 5264

D7K 5275

Piki hasn't spent a lot of time working out the detail of how the carts connect. So we stop, think, and then tinker - try things out to see what works.

Sol builds a hitch for the back of one of the carts.

D7K 5288

Mac and Serena try to work out the ideal distance between each cart - not too close, not too far.

IMG 5177

Josh acts as ballast while Kieran cuts threaded rod for axles.

IMG 5182

Nooi takes their steering cart out- a left/right lever controls the wheels. Everyone gathers to watch it work.

IMG 5194

And work it does!

D7K 5293

And then Piki just has to try. With a complex series of eyebolts and pulleys, they've managed to successfully mimic rack and pinion steering. Reid takes a ride.

D7K 5301

Success is celebrated with high-fives and a goat break.

D7K 5311

But then it's back to work, to fix and shore up steering and to work on the braking system. Mac has immense amounts of focus.

IMG 5201

Reid and Mike make changes.

IMG 5202

IMG 5206

Splatter paint! Grace and Rachel's work waits to dry.

IMG 5203

All into the afternoon, work continues. A tinkerers day is bustle.

IMG 5213

Portrait of a Collaborator: Daniel explains.

IMG 5221

Nooi hooks two carts together. It's starting to look like a train!

IMG 5224

Piki plays with their engine car.

D7K 5344

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Rachel, our budding photographer.

D7K 5415

Camera shootout! Kieran's at the other end. Eric plays peek-a-boo.

IMG 5268

Portrait of a Tinkerer's Room: The Girls.

IMG 5279

After dinner, we spread out to enjoy the evening.

Up at the house, we play "contact" (a word game) and cards.

IMG 5283

Down in the garden, the tire swings are a hit. Miranda grins with the sheer joy that comes from riding through the air on top of a tire.

IMG 5295

Today, our train has taken shape. Carts have come together; attachment points are working; steering is up and running. Even with a bit more work on brakes, and with expectations of troubleshooting to come, we are proud of our efforts.

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