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Day 5 - Tinkering

2014 Session B - SeniorsJoshua RothhaasComment

A wise man by the name of Gever Tulley once said: "Tinkering is what happens between having a finished project and a project that works." Last night, we figured we'd have both trains working by noon. But it was a slow morning, with a late breakfast, games of "Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe," and early morning visits to the goats.

But once we arrive, we set to work - Althea, Nova and Josh discuss the problems the Nooi need to work through.

IMG 6079

Both teams have a few carts they can strap together at this point, but neither has tested their full train.

Piki gets a chance to test their engine car and one of the following carts together.

IMG 6097

A crowd gathers to watch the test runs - there's nothing quite like seeing a downhill train you've built ride past you.

IMG 6124

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Grace foresees future rides.

IMG 6162

Portrait of a Collaborator: Michael considers.

IMG 6173

Sometime during the morning, Gever's wisdom at the beginning of the session is cast aside. At his suggestion, we'd originally planned for the trains to travel from the top barn down a short stretch of gravel to where the chicken coops are, so that, should it fail, we'd land in hay.

Now, we disregard that to attempt the asphalt stretch from the house all the way to the end of the Elkus property. This route is surrounded by poison oak, quite the incentive to stay on.

Mike and Reid test the cart's ability to steer around the tighter corner on the new corner.

IMG 6195

The Piki engine team has taken pride in doodling on their cart in sharpie. Anything that comes to mind is fair game - random phrases, descriptions, bad drawings... decoration makes everything more fun and pretty.

IMG 6218

Your Daily Goat, the star of the blaaahhhhg.

IMG 6225

Naomi takes a moment to examine a wheel box on the Nooi cart.

IMG 6268

Eric and Bay carry the cart out for their first test run of the day.

IMG 6302

Mac and Reid adding rubber to their brakes, to prevent the wheel from rubbing against wood and to increase the friction and stopping power. In the last few days, the teams have come together; learned to work with each other; tinkered with their relationships until they have groups that really work.

IMG 6335

As the morning wears on, despite it becoming increasingly clear that we won't, in fact, be done by noon, work continues at an astounding pace all around. Test, change, fix, modify. We tinker with our projects, trying to get all the parts to work.

IMG 6339

Nooi takes their cart to the top of the testing run to prep for a go. Each of their long, low riding carts has been meticulously planned, and their complex steering is driven by a lever up front, which actually lifts the front end of the cart a little as it turns.

IMG 6352

All aboard! Imagine the sound of train whistles and a conductor's call. The Nooi clamber aboard, with Bay at the front controlling the direction of travel.

IMG 6363

What's wrong? The cart starts to roll, but now quite at the speed the Nooi expect - Bay remarks on it as "really slow."

IMG 6369

Even so, the ride down is fun!

IMG 6368

We gather to problem solve. It is quickly discovered that the rubber had come off a wheel. And the team, frustrated but determined, returns the cart to the barn to fix it. And so, the tinkering begins.

IMG 6381

Meanwhile, the Piki finish up the brakes on their second cart.

IMG 6421

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Reid being adorable.

IMG 6423

Portrait of Collaborator: Daniel arms up for a camera shoot-out. He's in it to win.

IMG 6426

The bent wheel of the Nooi's cart.

IMG 6448

The team sets up to replace it. Josh takes a look.

IMG 6452

Piki adds on and tests Sol's trailer for the first time. They've built a true train, with three carts. (The fourth cart that they plan to attach is still being worked on)

IMG 6472

Each of the trains has significant design differences and chooses. Particularly when we take a look at steering, we can see this difference clearly. Take a look.

A close up of the Piki's steering system, built to simulate rack and pinion.

IMG 6519

The Nooi's system, in contrast. Josh and Naomi try a first draft of a support structure to keep the wheels from bending up and damaging the hinges, a problem both teams are facing. Despite being based on the same four hinge basics, each system is incredibly unique.

IMG 6557

Your weekly pig.

IMG 6587

Despite their setbacks, the Nooi are the first to test their entire train - they hook all three carts together, ready to enjoy the taste of success.

IMG 6590

IMG 6602

Then it's back to the barn to tinker more - another one of the Nooi wheels broke. Replacing it wouldn't solve the underlying problem, so we go in to figure out what might. Once again, the Nooi show incredible determination as they push past their disappointment. It's the tinkering- the sometimes tedious, always difficult, making-things-work phase- that's true challenge of completing a project, the difference between "cool, we have a project" and "awesome, that project works." In a way, it's the hardest part of the week.

IMG 6622

IMG 6644

The Piki get out to test their full train - all three carts and the trailer. It's all smiles.

IMG 6625

And now, for an animal interlude.

Cuddling goats.

IMG 6674

The Elkus Ranch Llama, Spice.

IMG 6680

An adorable wood animal.

IMG 6863

The wisp of a beard on an old barn house goat.

IMG 6689

That nose.

IMG 6693

And the babies.

IMG 6698

And now, we return. Goat breaks and the chance to visit the animals is what gets us through the challenging, long days at Tinkering School, giving us a chance to take a mental break.

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Althea has been cat-ified. It is a contagious disease running rampant in our barn, spread by palate and paintbrush wielding vectors - Rachel, Althea and Miranda. Soon, almost everyone has whiskers.

IMG 6721

Serena's caught the disease too. "Meow!"

IMG 6779

Mac pulls the cart along behind the linkage he helped make. Playing with the things you've built is fun.

IMG 6751

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Bay has built a time-machine.

IMG 6768

And the Piki are off again- the updated cart has new seating up front. Sol surfs behind, standing upright on the the trailer/caboose.

IMG 6789

The excitement temporarily gives Reid and Mac the ability to levitate. This is different than, but often mistaken for, jumping for joy.

IMG 6806

And they're off! Journeying down the track, this is finally it. Not another test run, but the journey all the way down to the bottom. Piki takes the first run.

IMG 6826

IMG 6827

And celebrate at the bottom when they make it down, successfully.

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Eric ponders.

IMG 6873

The Nooi load up for a test.

IMG 6920

And when that's successful, they take it up to the start point (the house) to get ready for launch.

IMG 6958

And they're off!

IMG 7003

IMG 7007

Both runs were videotaped:

Sol, on the is equipped with a video camera, and takes footage of the Piki's journey down. In the intensity of a run, filled with speed, excitement and even tinges of fear, kids reach for the words that can, at those moments, express that. (i.e. excited scarred teenagers swear like sailors).

[vimeo 101053508 w=500 h=281]

DSC 0031 from Tinkering School on Vimeo.

Kieran video tapes for the Nooi, including an exciting final stretch moment in which the last cart (which he and the video camera, along with Miranda and Eric were in) tipped over. They managed to right it while continuing downwards, and likewise had a successful run.

[vimeo 101053507 w=500 h=281]

DSC 0032 from Tinkering School on Vimeo.

We gather around to watch the videos, laughing an remembering.

IMG 7069

We toast to tinkering. A day of getting from having a train, to having a working downhill train. Today, all of us have been successful.

IMG 7041

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