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Day 5 - Trials and Errors

2014 Session C - MiddlesJoshua RothhaasComment

We start right where we left off, eager hands itching to get back to work. The day off has given us time to think through our next steps, and reenergize, so work starts almost immediately. Jonah Jr. uses the pull saw to take a corner off one of the wheel-boxes, hoping to prevent the edges from catching bumps and rocks.

IMG 1795

At the end of the day Tuesday, Nooi's cart's backend piece broke off. James works on adding new attachment pieces.

IMG 1809

Karsen heats a hot knife to cut bungee. The Piki's morning project is to modify their hammock to hold them better.

IMG 1851

Eloise maps out plans for the Kablooi's bench seat.

IMG 1864

Aimee and Ava get in for some tricky fixes - car repair style.

IMG 1884

Kevin works to build the connection pieces needed to add brakes to the Kablooi cart, one of the few crucial points that had been tested.

IMG 1893

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Aimee works on bending wires.

IMG 1923

Eloise cuts out the seat for the Kablooi cart, getting a chance to use the circular saw.

IMG 1924

Aimee and Anya cut up wood for their cart - pausing briefly to pose for a photograph.

IMG 1974

One of the great benefits of re-using wood from a previous project is the great designs, decorations and stories that come with it. The Kablooi's plywood seat is one such piece.

IMG 1975

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Grazzia grins for the camera.

IMG 1981

The Kablooi cart gains graffiti.

IMG 2017

The decoration committee at work.

IMG 2018

Anya and Tricia work together on Panda's front steering piece.

IMG 2027

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Zachary, adding rubber to the brakes.

IMG 2031

A Kevin project coming together. Both Kevins have been working at the attachment system for the the brakes.

IMG 2036

Junior Collaborator Serena's morning project - a camera strap for Josh's camera, created out of parachord woven in friendship bracelet style.

IMG 2059

Your weekly sheep.

IMG 2075

A newly improved net.

IMG 2081

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Rory, happy.

IMG 2094

The Kablooi are ready for a test run just before lunch. The group gathers round to watch them try their cart for the first time.

IMG 2109

Could it be a surfboard?

IMG 2112

And it's off!

IMG 2130

Portrait of two Tinkerers: Karson and Gus, fast friends.

IMG 2144

Armed with spray paint cans and laser cut letterings of Tinkering School, we spend a few hours after lunch creating t-shirts. Lots of attempts, mistakes, and learning ensued. But the results were awesome- colorful, creative shirts of which no two are alike.

D7K 9130

"Can you help me spray paint a dinosaur?" Karsen asks Nova - "'Cause if there isn't a dinosaur, I won't wear it."

And so they set to work, Nova helping Karsen by drawing and cutting out dinosaur stencils.

IMG 2146


D7K 9138

Ava includes washers in her design, an idea Tricia came up with.

D7K 9142

And then we head back up for the barn - teams implement more solutions, tinker with their projects. Somewhere along the line, the giant spool of bungee becomes a giant "cat's cradle" game, with humans for fingers.

IMG 2238

IMG 2252

The result? A bungee net that holds people.

IMG 2320

D7K 9168

Team Panda has been incredibly focused today. Challenges have risen left and right for them, but they've been able to plow through, to continue to tinker and try things out until they stumble on a solution.

IMG 2324

Tool wall dinosaurs, the most terrifying variety.

IMG 2331

A solution to hold team Panda's wheel-boxes in place - paracord and eyebolts.

IMG 2333

Karsen discovers that the Piki cart makes a comfortable bed.

IMG 2342

Repairs in place, Kevin takes the Kablooi cart for another spin. Much of the interest in playing on a project that looks "done" is in testing, improving, and fixing anything that goes wrong - rarely to things work as smoothly and beautifully as we expect.

IMG 2369

Each cart is given a name - the Piki name their slice shaped cart "Piki Pie"

IMG 2382

The Nooi' cart is given the name "Moonbounce," for it's suspension and ability to cope with bumpy terrain.

D7K 9777

The Panda's cart is called the "Deathtrap," for the series of challenges the team has had in getting it out working today.

The Kablooi's ATV is the "Sensitive Monster Truck," names for the many "it looks like a monster truck" comments the team has gotten, and the perceived personality the cart has.

IMG 2377

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Ari finds an unconventional perch.

IMG 2410

This afternoon, most work and repairs has been occurring outside - cycles of test, fix, test fix occur almost continuously. Tinkering is what happens between having an ATV that's done and an ATV that works awesomely - this iterative process is a great way to achieve that.

IMG 2385

And the Piki are off. IMG 2519

A Nooi test run.

IMG 2479

But even "done" projects feel like a success, especially ones that are running down the hill - every team has completed at least one test run. This success prompts group shots.

Team Piki and "Piki Pie"

IMG 2424

The Nooi and "Moonbounce"

IMG 2526

Team Panda and the "Deathtrap"

IMG 2488

And last but not least, Team Kablooi and "The sensitive Monster Truck"

IMG 2495

We horse around after dinner.

IMG 2555

Sit along the railings to hang out and talk.

IMG 2574

Portrait of a Director: Josh, skeptical.

D7K 9371

Portrait of a Collaborator: Jen, considering.

IMG 2597

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Audrey, elated.

IMG 2644

The inside of the laser cut stencils used on our shirts.

IMG 2651

Today, we got a chance to try and fail, swerve off road, to make mistakes so we could stop and figure out how to fix them. We tried things - creative T-shirt designs, various solutions. Sometimes, they worked. sometimes, they didn't. But we learned from our errors, we tried to improve. And even though our carts are still far from perfect, it's in taking the little steps, slowly closer to awesome. And that, by all accounts, we achieved.

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