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Day 2 - Let's build it big!

2014 Session D - JuniorsJoshua RothhaasComment

The morning begins slowly as we ease into our first day. We head down to feed the compost to the chickens - they love having us here, because they get bagels...

IMG 3706

Monday's special because it the day we begin - we learn what the project is going to be, and we set to work. And so we gather 'round to hear what we'll spend the week working on - our masterpiece to-be.

This week, we'll be building a giant jungle gym, spanning the barn, filled with sub-projects - anything the kids want to build. Minds set to work, cogs spin...

IMG 3725

The structure team takes a look at the beam and triangles in the barn roof for inspiration. Michael, Ludmila, Tekuru, and Dora all pitch in ideas.

IMG 3736

Pete, one of our collaborators, works with the elevator team: Emma, Lilah, Joey - the excitedly brainstorm.

IMG 3746

Gretchen and Isabella want to build a swing - and so they make their ideas a reality. Megan and Kaiden look on.

IMG 3760

The structure team builds beams.

IMG 3778

Joey tests out the plywood bottom for the elevator.

IMG 3788

A team works on a balance beam - to be hung above a still theoretical giant net.

IMG 3800

Within the hour, the barn is full of the sound of drills - construction has begun.

IMG 3821

Whittling breaks are encourages whenever the tinkerers feel they need one. Isabella takes advantage of that.

IMG 3834

The structural beams are going up.

IMG 3840

The "zip - line" team works on a wheeled cart that rolls down a track above the ground, with a gondola hanging from the bottom.

IMG 3846

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Gretchen, grinning.

IMG 3852

Emma and Pete screw the elevator "cabin" together.

IMG 3857

Tekuru's first imaginings of the jungle gym.

IMG 3879

After lunch, we gather as a group to reframe the problem - shifting the goals from a triangular tower to two rectangular ones, so the zip - line can span the middle.

IMG 3891

Isabella and Ludmilla are building a climbing wall.

IMG 3909

IMG 3922

Portrait of a Tinkerer - Marco proudly shows off his bandage - he nicked his thumb whittling this morning.

IMG 3925

A pointy stick holder. This group has taken pointy sticks to the next level.

IMG 3932

The walls for tower two, beginning to go up - it's getting bigger!

IMG 3957

The walls for tower one are coming together too. Michael's been among the hard workers on that team.

IMG 3976

Kaiden screws the walls of tower two in.

IMG 3987

The zip-line team discusses. This tight group has a lot of design challenges and finicky bits to think through, and have been attaching the problems as they come up with tremendous patience and persistence .

IMG 3998

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Emma pauses her task to glance over.

IMG 4007

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Lydia, determined.

IMG 4015

Lilah grabs a hammer.

IMG 4024

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Isabella, wistful.

IMG 4030

Makai, whittling - he, along with the rest of this group, filled with avid whittlerers, are getting good at the craft.

IMG 4044

Joey and the elevator team work out a clever solution for creating the hugely long braid they're working on.

IMG 4047

IMG 4056

Ryker and Isabella, heading towards the barn together.

IMG 4062

Gretchen and Tree. She's found her niche, climbing up to help attach the pulley system for the elevator test.

IMG 4070

Megan tries... and it works. Sort-of. Its a bit "awkward" to ride in, reports Emma. And so it's back to the barn to tinker with the problem.

IMG 4100

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Michael at work.

IMG 4121

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Kaiden helps out.

IMG 4124

Isabellla's contracting a miniature village, built out of wood scraps carefully decorated with sharpie.

IMG 4130

Aiden tries out the first floor of the first tower. Success!

IMG 4136

After a great day in the barn - we have two tower each almost complete to the first floor, we head in for dinner.

Then, it's time to hit the tire swings.

IMG 4257

IMG 4264

Tekuru is an developing artist - she lays down on the floor of the first story to draw.

IMG 4299

The partially completed deck inspires a group of painter.

IMG 4304

We have a jungle gym. It's begun - the chaos, the huge, ambitious goal of a project that reaches into the sky - or at least the rafters. This team can do it- their energy soars, and the week is just beginning. Let's build it big!

IMG 4329

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