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Day 5 - Climbing higher

2014 Session D - JuniorsJoshua RothhaasComment

Thursday - it's back to work, after our day away at the beach. We spend the morning enjoying breakfast and cleaning up our bunks. When we finally meander up to the barn, it's with the excited energy of a group ready to build and tinker. The elevator team is on top of it - their goal today is to get the improvements on the elevator added and the elevator back in testing condition.

IMG 4607

Joey takes a moment to sit on top of a scaffold, gazing out.

IMG 4614

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Kaiden sets to work on a ladder for Tower Two.

IMG 4624

It comes together quickly.

IMG 4627

An upside down Oren, with a photo-bombing Gretchen for reference.


Of course, even the excitement of working on the climbing structure can't keep us from visiting with the chickens.

Isabella grabs "Feather Foot." IMG 4652

Makai coaxes "Zebra" onto his lap. IMG 4667

Lydia and Dora have been working hard on the "zip line" turned tram. They work on piecing together rails.

IMG 4645

Ludmilla left us a legacy when she departed on Tuesday - a gorgeous climbing wall. Today, we managed to mount it on the side of Tower One.

Isabella tries it out. IMG 4679

Lydia gives it a go.

IMG 4697

Looks comfortable up top!

IMG 4723

Michael pauses work for a second to glance over. He's been a diligent member of the Tower One team from the start, and can almost always be found working on that tower.

IMG 4687

Portrait of the barn: A view from the side of Tower One.

IMG 4725

A true climbing structure like this one leaves room for gymnastics.

IMG 4734


Tekuru's grown a mustache.


Emma adds to the elevator.



Makai works on adding plywood to the side of the tower for shear strength.


Tower Two is finally stable enough to climb on top of. Mostly.

Josh tests it out.



Portrait of a Tinkerer: Michael, working.


A lesson on how to cut a rope with a sharp knife - one of the simple tasks that is so exceptionally satisfying. With a hot enough knife, it slides through paracord like butter, leaving behind perfect, fray-free ends. Something everyone should try at some point.

IMG 4749

IMG 4854

Lilah, aboard the elevator - it's all smile.

IMG 4777

The mechanism consists of four pulleys- two on top and two on the bottom, with a cleat to stop it from slipping back down unintentionally. The rider pulls his or herself up by pulling down on the rope, and can push up on a piece of plywood controlling the cleat to drop down.

IMG 4771

Makai, enjoying himself.

IMG 4805

Your Daily Goat.

IMG 4810

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Dora, a elf in a the magical land of Tinker.

IMG 4811

The elevator "handle" for pulling yourself up - Tekuru takes control.

IMG 4812

Portrait of a Donkey Fan: Emma pets on of the farm's miniature donkeys.


Marco, heading back into the barn.

IMG 4826

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Michael, thoughtful.

IMG 4827

Kevin, one of our Junior Collaborators, explains something to Gretchen.

IMG 4848

Makai, armed with a drill and ready to take on any task.

IMG 4884

Gretchen, wrapped up as a present with a big, maroon bow.

IMG 4893

As a side project throughout the day, we've used stencils and blue and orange spray paint to make T-shirts. Some of the results ....

IMG 4904

The creativity is overwhelming.

IMG 4905

IMG 4908

Satisfied with the success of the elevator tests, the team decorates. With splatter paint.

IMG 4916

Lilah and Emma customize their jeans.

IMG 4972

IMG 5001

The creative energy extends to Josh's hair.

IMG 5030

We end the day with another bout at the tire swings. We've built more, bigger, higher. We're starting to see projects headed toward completion. Today's been a wonderful, exciting success.

IMG 5080

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