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Session A: Day 6

2015 Session A - JuniorsSerena G-H1 Comment

Today begins with two visitors — Gever's stopped by for breakfast, and to get us thinking about a mystery — this ream of paper, when taped, has resonance. Try it sometime. He challenges us to think about why, and theories are proposed and discussed. 

Katie's back, and she's brought homemade braided headbands for us. 

The headbands are a great fashion accessory. 

Primo's eager to get back to the track. 

Nico, furiously sawing off the end of an angle brace. Sometimes the handsaw is a better tool for the job than the chop-saw. 

The track team is back on track — progress is made on the ramp as well as the rails. The two combined tracked teams have realized the power of working together. Peanut butter and chocolate, work well together just as promised. (This was the metaphor we presented to the kids when we combined the track teams and reframed the goal). 

The cart teams are hard at work. Marco prepares to attach a caster. 

Portrait of a Junior Collaborator: Leo, relaxed. 

Your Daily Josh. 

Camp creates tight friendships. 

Zach and Aggie. 

Zach and Aggie. 

Over at the track, Gwen makes progress above the ground, climbing up the ramp to insert screws. 

Lindsay and Teagan make strides at the base. 

At the lunch break, the kids surprise us by staging a skit. At Tinkering School, we try to seize opportunity, and this great stage is just to large of an opportunity to pass up. 

After lunch, we've had "Siesta time," a chance for the kids and collaborators to have a quiet midday break and regather our thoughts. 

A glance into the boy's yurt (tent cabin) 

A glance into the boy's yurt (tent cabin) 

Reading is a favorite at Tinkering School, during downtime....

Nico, during "Siesta" 

Nico, during "Siesta" 

But also even as project work goes on. 

Alexandra takes a moment to enjoy a book, even as the project goes on around her. 

Alexandra takes a moment to enjoy a book, even as the project goes on around her. 

Everyone's excited when Katie takes out the face paint. 

By late afternoon, we're ready for our test runs. 

On our first try, the empty cart crashes into the benches below. 

We take the opportunity to prepare, and try again. 

Once we get it working, we have the chance to try with sandbags as weights. 

By the time we lose light, we've weight tested both carts—one needs the steering system removed, but the other cart was working, and merely needs a caster replaced. We're bound and determined to get at least one working for tomorrow— this has been a difficult project, but now that we're close enough to see the end, we know we can make one final push. We agree to an early morning. 

It's Friday night, our last night at Tinkering School. Per tradition, we gather for a fire. Jacob helps get it set up. 

A lit fire is always a thing of beauty. 

We have a closing circle, another Tinkering School tradition. We take the opportunity to reflect on the week, and tell about nice experiences we've had with one another. 

And there are, of course, s'mores. 

Friday is tough. It's the last full day, and the campers know it. But they've taken a tough project, and transformed it into something that can succeed. They've created lasting friendships and learned lasting skills. Tomorrow, they know they can finish .


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