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Session D: Day 7 - Race and Deconstruct

2015 Session D - MiddlesJosh RothhaasComment

Now complete, and with parents arriving, it’s time for the big race. Though race is a strong word for what happens next. The track is designed with some pretty tight turns and narrow paths, so passing is almost impossible. We are also a bunch of pretty friendly folks, so rating is out of the question. To top if off, on our first go 3 out of 4 carts broke down dramatically, losing wheels, or the ability to steer.

Many were convinced that the racing was over, but to everyone’s delight each team went to pit crew, made rapid fixes and upgrades, and everyone was ready for one more race in just 10 minutes. 

After racing, playing, and showing off, it was time for deconstruction. We may have needed to build a life-size Mario Kart race, but we don’t need to own one. So to drive home this point, the kids and parents help us take everything apart and reclaim the materials for out next project. 

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