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Session E: Day 2 - Benches Go Big

2015 Session E - SeniorsJosh RothhaasComment

Day 2 started with one simple problem. We have a fire pit, but nothing to sit on around the fire. Build some benches so we can meet in a circle around the fire bit. However, there was also the pressure that every week’s benches had been more complicated or more elegant than the last. As the summer goes on, the bar keeps getting higher. Can we beat a free standing swinging bench and canopy chairs of last week? We will certainly try.

The day ran away with us, and our photographer was so engaged, today is a low photo day. It’s suffice to say that we succeeded in making the summer’s most complicated (though maybe not most elegant) benches. From a wrap around seat, and a table for tea all under a canopy, to 3 totally different variants on swinging bench, each in totally different state of functionality and safety. We will have more photos of each of the benches and their teams tomorrow.

Between bench building, we sneak in some riveting conversations about big numbers and some card games. The day wraps with some serious 4-square well past sunset. 

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