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Session E: Day 4 - Things Get Hard and The Week Seems Short

2015 Session E - SeniorsJosh RothhaasComment

To better keep track of time we think in terms of “working sessions.” We woke up this morning with just five working sessions left. Two today, two Friday, and one tomorrow because of beach day in the afternoon. The teams have all taken this to heart and are knocking out problem after problem. The dragon mount has entered the x axis (next up is the z axis). The heron can flap its wings. The trojan horse almost looks like a horse. The robots can punch each others heads off.

This morning started with a reminder that the last 10% of a project takes roughly the same amount of time as the first 90%. So we better get to the last 10% as soon as possible.

New developments popped up all day. Only interrupted by a short lunch and a long siesta during which we learned about knife safety, and got our Tinkering School knives.

This group is particularly focused. The afternoon sees a collection of huge advancements, and two teams work into the night to stay on track to having something awesome by weeks end. A few of us use the evening for some post-sunset foursquare or an early to bed kind of evening. 

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