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Session F: Day 3 - Controlled Human Flight

2015 Session F - SeniorsJosh Rothhaas1 Comment

Day 3 starts with the announcement of our primary project. This week it’s Controlled Human Flight. The idea is that we are going to move one of our team members through space in a controlled fashion, like a stage performance of peter pan. Given the 6 ways you can move through space (forward-backward, left-right, up-down, tilt, pitch, and yaw) each team is to come up with a mechanism that will let them move another team mate with at least 2 degrees of control. 3 would be a real challenge, and we not sure getting all 6 is possible. Additionally! They are to figure out what they are flying. Are they superman? In a spaceship? Time itself?

Teams immediately get down to meeting. Idea’s start flying and swiftly settle. One team will emulate a solar system. Another team is going to stage a Quiddich match (from harry potter). And the last team will be creating a human claw.

Within hours structures are popping up, plans are being hatched and we are on our way.

Contraptions get contrived, pulleys start adding up and we get a visit from Pegady, an old puppy. 

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