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Session F: Day 6 & 7 - Everything Starts to Work and We Show Off

2015 Session G - MiddlesJosh RothhaasComment

After a day of rest, a good movie and plenty of sleep, everyone is ready for a big long push to get everything working as the week comes to an end. Any my goodness did the rest pay off. Planets began popping up, pulley mechanisms, and x,y,z moment systems start rolling and testing. And by day’s end we feel we are ready to show off. Our broom flies, our claw machine picks people up, and our earth rotates around a sun. With a few minor touches we will be ready to show off tomorrow.

Friday is usually also fire night, but we found out that we are in a no-burn zone, and so fires are out of the question for the rest of summer. In place we light a few candles so we can still have our end-of-week fire and cary on with our tradition of saying nice things about each other and eating smores.

We wake up, show off, and start our deconstruction, reminding ourselves that it's not about having a flying broom, or a claw machine, or a solar system replica; it's about having made those things. We've done that, had our fun, and it's time to part ways with our work.

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