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Session G: Day 3 - Massively Major Mini-Golf

2015 Session G - MiddlesSerena G-HComment

Capturing cool card moments in the morning has become common. And thus starts our day. 

Our morning meeting - Lauren and Claire have become experts at spotting the camera. 

Since most of the benches aren't quite finished yet, we've decided to spend until 11 am finishing and improving them, followed by the reveal of the project for the week. 

We establish a bench seat production line. 


Nathan and Rory put together a seat for an aerial platform. 

And it works!

Makai looks on while Aiden works on the backrest for his bench seat. 

Abby tries out her seat. Looks comfy!

Connor has built an interesting parachord weave recliner. 

Finally! As teams finish their benches, moving them becomes the next challenge... 

And as 11 am approaches, slowly but surely benches arrive in our new meeting location. 

The moment we've all been waiting for — Josh announces the project... 

This week — "Massively Major Mini Golf!" Excited tinkerers cheer when they hear the announcement. 

There are, of course, a few requirements, to ensure that our projects meet the Tinkering School standards for technical complexity. See below. 

Teams are announced — we'll have three teams this week, with the traditional Tinkering School names of Piki, Nooi, and Kablooi. 

Ideas fly around the room as teams gather to brainstorm.

After lunch, we skip siesta for another Tinkering School tradition — knives. 

Josh is serious about knife safety. He gathers us together and goes over the rules of knife use, which each tinkerer has to recite with confidence before receiving their very own Tinkering School knife. 

Hugo is thrilled at the prospect of getting a knife and listens eagerly. 

Sharpening pencils is a great way to practice the fine art of whittling.

After we have a chance to play with our new knives, we grab materials and get back to work on the project.

As we get to work on the bigger project, we also get to bust out some of our favorite tools. Sayer demos how to use the circular saw for Kavin, Johnny and David.

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Kavin, insightful and curious. 

Steph and Nathan in the afternoon sunlight. 

Paper-mache is a messy art. Isabella doesn't seem to mind as she works on moulding mountains for Nooi's "Medieval Castles" theme. 

Today's been busy — benches, project announcement, brainstorming, knife training and our first chance to work on our Giant Mini Golf course. Four-square is a great way to spend the evening free-build time, and offers the chance to destress.  

We're already well on our way to meeting our goals for the week — collaborating with others, trying harder than usual, and learning from our mistakes and failures. We've built things that are bigger than ourselves — the benches, for one, but also our comfort with tools and our sense of community.

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