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Session B: Day 7 - Take a Bow

2016 Session B - MiddlesCaroline Martin1 Comment

We made it, we built our theater, and had an excellent night celebrating its completion. Our movie lasted late last night, so we slept in this morning. Breakfast caps off with a round of love lasers, taking a moment to acknowledge each camper and collaborator with compliments and memories. There's lots of love to go around, as Bryn and Tenley show us.

end - 1.jpg

The rest of the morning is a blur. Families arrive and all the campers show off their giant performance space. 

Michaela and the Kablooi team put up their backdrop, which has dripped a little bit in the wet weather. We still like it; the drippiness makes it look surreal.

We put on some impromptu skits for the gathered crowd. Here is Bor, Devon, Patrick, and Victor sitting on an invisible bench...

Until Hugo tells them he moved the invisible bench a few hours ago.

Collaborator Kevin does a magic trick with McKenna, Morgan, and Victor.

There's even a performance of the camp favorite Smoke On The Water riff.

The crowd is amused.

Everyone hops on stage for curtain call. It's been a great week! 

Where do we go next? Midway station is still far away from our stage, and Tinker City still needs some City-ness. Stay tuned next week to see where we go!

Blog written by Caroline. 

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