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Session D: Day 7 - The Cars Will Roll

2016 Session D - JuniorsSerena G-H2 Comments

It's our final morning together, but there's still more to do.

We really strive to have a closing appreciation circle after we've spent a week together but before the tinkerers leave - it gives us a chance to acknowledge one another and recognize how, specifically, others have helped make our camp experience better. Normally, we do it around the campfire on Friday, but we didn't quite have time last night. So we do it this morning, before breakfast. Each tinkerer has some lovely thoughts to share. 

By the time we've finished our circle, it's well past 9:00, and we still haven't eaten breakfast. We head in for pancakes and eggs. 

Then it's time to mount the carts onto the wheel bases. Reed helps as Axel climbs under the track to put the attachment screws in. 

Juan and Wolf hang out together in the Piki cart. 

Collaborator Serena helps Gandalf attach the swinging bench in the Kablooi cart.  

The wheelbases are fun to ride on, even before the cars are mounted. Potter and Benjamin take one for a spin. 

They're doing it! The Nooi propulsion system, of which Gever was initially skeptical, is working. Adam rows his teammates Delia and Liv along. Nik's awfully proud - after that rap on Thursday (if you haven't seen it, check out the Day 5 blog), he was determined to get this system up and running. 

Slowly but surely, we get all of the cars up on the tracks and mounted. 

The parents have all gathered up by Terminus Station. It's 10:20am now, and it looks like everything's ready to roll. Serena gets up on the platform, and works to reproduce the Gever-style Saturday morning talk. We're so proud of our campers achievements this week.

Then we load up the train for a ceremonial ride down to Tinker City. With Liv taking the oar on her teams propulsion system, the first cart is rolling. 

The rest follow behind. 

Four of the five carts make it safely to Midway! We have a train!

Unfortunately, the Kablooi cart is having trouble with the wheelbase, and the train car derails. A special team jumps in to make the necessary repairs. 

The Sqiki car can fit two passengers and a canine pal. Benjamin's dog enjoys his chance to ride in a kid-built train. 

One by one, the carts roll into Tinker City. 

The valiant efforts of the repair crew succeed in getting the Kablooi cart running again. 

To cheers and applause, it joins its cohort in Tinker City. 

After the inaugural journey of the Tinker Express, it's time for a group photo. 

And ultimately, it's time to say goodbye. Reed signs out. 

Despite some bumps, we got through it. Each train car did ultimately roll. We finished strong, working until the very last minute to get everything we wanted to accomplish done. Together, we found a way.  

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