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Session H: Day 6 - Short Story of the Day

2016 Session H - All AgesCaroline MartinComment

(Written by Gever)

Our cameras are so full that the offload is going to take 40 minutes, and the day has extended into the evening (even now, at 11:49pm, kids are just coming up from the fire), that we're not going to get you much of the story tonight. So, just for the record, and for the sake of the curious parents, rest assured that epic journeys were undertaken on gravity-powered carts today. From the barn to the bridge, in sunshine and twilight (and maybe even by headlamp in the dark of the night), we rode and squealed, repaired and cajoled, and even danced. And yes, there were cats and goats.

Until tomorrow, goodnight all, we had a wonderful day. Also, your children are amazing, please feel free to leave them for another week or so.

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