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Session G: Day 1 - One-on-One

2016 Session G - JuniorsCaroline MartinComment

Week 7 of Overnight Camp has started, and with it, a whole group of new campers. We have 14 tinkerers this week, and 11 on staff, making our ratio the closest to one-on-one you can get. We realize this as campers start to arrive and get excited about the possibilities of the week.

With camp names chosen and exploration of the previous builds explored, we all meet up to introduce ourselves and use our imaginations on a strange object. Is it an alien detection system? An advanced make-up applicator? A robot with flappy wings??

We have a brief rules meeting to discuss the top three:

1. Don't hurt yourself or anyone else.
2. If you see a piece of fruit, and you want it, you must eat it.
3. All disputes will be solved with Roshambo.

After that, it's time for tool training and orientation. Our main tools, as always, are drills, clamps, and the chopsaw. Clamps are a great start.

Clamps end up being a two-person task once you get down to it. 

Their task is to build a clamp human, which they all assemble, and even add the final touch: safety goggles!

Once we know how to hold things together with clamps, we learn how to make it more permanent with screws. Drills are the ideal tool for it, and there's lots to learn about them.

Once we learn all about the different settings on the drills, we have a chance to practice with them.

The tinkerers also get a master class from Collaborator Miles about all the different types of wood we use here at Tinkering School.

After that, it's chopsaw time. Gever explains the best and safest ways to use it.

We also learn about the Ready Call, which is how we communicate safely around the chopsaw. If you are ready, the appropriate response is a silent thumbs up.

And then we get choppin!

Everyone gets a chance to cut before we go up to dinner.

Our homemade lasagna dinner fills us up, and after a bit of running around, we all retire to our yurts. Sunday night is going to be tame compared to the rest of our busy week. Tomorrow we'll do some more collaborating -- and then, the big project reveal we've all been anxiously awaiting! Stay tuned for more bloggy goodness tomorrow.

Blogging by Caroline and Daniel.


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