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Session G: Day 3 - Creatures

2016 Session G - JuniorsCaroline Martin2 Comments

Another cloudy morning greets us on Tuesday, a day that we usually find is harder than other days. We've started our projects, but they haven't come together enough for us to see them, so it's tough to motivate the troops. We start with a pep talk and some sunscreen for when the skies clear up. Team Kablooi has much to decide for their tree fort.

Swiss Warrior takes no time getting to work. Team Nooi is working out their platform over to Kablooi's tree fort.

Meanwhile, team Piki continues their bridge. They have about 30 feet of bridge to make, and a solid plan to do it. Collaborator Miles shows Lucas the ropes.

The 30-foot-long bridge has 40 two-foot pieces to manufacture.

Each piece has to be cut to size and then have two holes drill-pressed into them before the ropes can be put through. There's something of an assembly line that takes form to measure where the holes will be while another team makes the holes. It's a process, but Piki gets is working like a well-oiled machine.

Lucas and Ben are measuring out where the holes go.

The drill press team is cranking them out. Aya punches the holes while Junior Collaborator Liora shows off a particularly beautiful swirly bit from their work.

And Aya switches over to the ropes. The bridge is getting really long!

Meanwhile, Kablooi has re-adjusted the triangles that will make up the base of their tree fort. They load up the cart to take them into the city.

They attach the triangle bases using the method they tested yesterday, twisting paracord until it's as tight as wire.

And after all that hard work, we take a break to show off weird human tricks,

Or to just sit and relax, as Caden and Collaborator Jack do.

Today is also filled with all sorts of interesting forms of life. We find an itty bitty lizard...

We have a yellowjacket nest that we're trying to control...

And Martha has found the joys of the little green beetles that hang around.

The sun finally comes out and we have smiles all around during our break. Ben takes the lead on a ride.

Team Nooi's platform is coming right along.

With lots of good progress finished, we treat ourselves to a visit up with the animals. The goats are one of our very favorite things, as Caden learns.

Hello goats!

Junior Collaborator Elizabeth and Lilly feed the goats our scraps from snack time.

Farm visits are a wonderful time to reset our work-weary heads and reconnect with our friends. Junior Collaborators Yoel and Zach share a tender moment in the goat pen.

CR-7 enjoys the sunshine with a tiny goat pal.

The goats seem to be as happy as we all are that Junior Collaborator Ana was able to join us.

It's Spice! Hello, old friend.

There is also a whole group of tiny cats. Martha has found one she likes...

And the little friend seems to like her, too!

We end the evening hanging around in the playground near the barns. Lilly watches from above.

We come back to an awesome taco night, and settle in for a night of reading and hot chocolate and The Sandlot. Tomorrow we have another day to think about our projects before we head off to the beach. 

Blog written by Caroline.



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