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Session D - Day 2 - The Floor is Lava!

Tinkering School Staff3 Comments

It's our first full day of the session and all of us here are pumped! After a delicious breakfast, we find out our week's theme, The Floor is Lava!

So here's how it goes; on Friday, a volcano will explode all over our build site! Now this is a nice volcano, so it will respect stilts and only go as far as the water tower, but everything we build must be off the ground and connect to the pre-made tree platform at the end of the wooded area. 

However, before we can build, we've got to lay out our group agreements. We split first into our build teams, Piki, Nooi, Kablooi, and Panda, and we got to work brainstorming.

Piki brainstorms before doodling some design ideas for their project.

We head up the hill and the real fun starts! Here, Reed thinks about how he could make a winding rope ladder to bring campers up the tree. 

One of our projects is going to be a ramp connecting the non-lava filled land to the start of our journey to the treehouse (of course, it has to be rainbow!)

Raquel measures from the top of the treehouse so that her team (Kablooi) can build their structure to the right height.

Piki also measures (but lengthwise!)

Designs have been done, so now we get to chop sawing. Rohan makes a great first cut of the day!

And here, Alex makes her first cut of the day!

Nicky climbs a tree instead, to show Nooi how high he thinks they should build...

...build their spiral sgtaircase! And some track later down the road...

Panda works hard to get their swing, the first part of their project, done today!

Never forget the importance of checking your screw lengths, this saved a group some time today when the group checked before drilling a hole! 

Piki ran into a problem with their ramp; while their pieces were nicely aligned to be level and near-perfect, the ground did not want to cooperate! So they got to rescrewing and realigning the pieces to make a stable structure.

Nooi makes a jig to produce straight, well made track every time.

Panda's swing is a success! They spend the last few minutes of the day having fun on their accomplishment!

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Divya

It was a very successful Monday! Our projects are on a roll, and the fun and energy in this group seems to be never-ending!

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