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Session D - Day 4 - Tidepools, Fishes, and Lots of Sunscreen

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It's Wednesday! And that means it's beach day! This beach day was certainly a well-needed rest for the collaborators (we always forget what early-risers these kids are) and a great adventure for the tinkerers! 

We started the day early, heading out to the beach where a group immediately climbed a rock face, determined on finding a cave. Once the whole group arrived, Daniel took a group to the crab and sea life-filled tide pools!

Reed caught a crab! He was extremelyu proud of this, and spent a good portion of his morning trying to catch a perfect crab. Determination is as much of a virtue as patience..

Kelp was found, and the kelp was soon discovered to (a) have those little bubbles filled with air (which are "super duper super cool!") and (b) be extremely fun to use as whips due to the long skinny tail! One even found its way back to camp with us and sits outside of the yurt as a proud memory of the day. 

Reed and Dylan explore a tide pool together.

The extra deep spot in the tide pool was *very* cold but a great spot for finding crabs and "weird squishy ocean things!"

Gregory relaxes among the kelp.

Chase and Rohan inspect a fish that was caught by a fellow beach-goer! 

Arielle plays in the sand, enjoying the rare sunny beach day. 

Rohan makes a mini terrarium to take to the tide pools. 

We caught a fish! It washed up on shore (still alive) and took this time to observe it and notice how calm it was. Some tinkerers theorized that it was a defense tactic. (Fish was put back in water) 

Upon returning to camp, Amberley and Alex sold their large amounts of sea glass at the price of 10 for free! (Except for their favorite few of course)

Some tinkerers discovered the pool noodles. Here, Arielle and Kieran have a friendly fight. 

We ended the night with a Wednesday night tradition: a movie! This week we chose The Princess Bride and sipped on fresh hot cocoa and enjoyed a calm night. 

Portrait of a tinkerer: Dylan, between a soft rock wall and... another soft rock wall?

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