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Session E - Day 6 - Chasing Windmills…

Tinkering School Staff3 Comments

Whew! Talk about a busy day. The real blog entry for Friday will be coming very soon, but because the day ended up being so stuffed with action, it required a bit more work to capture all the awesomeness.

Until then, please enjoy this photo of the ever-evolving windmill — a.k.a. Officially the Tallest Tinkering School Structure We Have Ever Made™! (Oooh, exciting.)

Later today (for you, loyal blog reader): an extra-packed edition of the Friday blog, with an extra helping of awesomeness.

Later today (for the kids): a fantastic afternoon full of sailing — yes, sailing! — aboard the magnificent 82' schooner, the S.S. Seaword!

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