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Session E - Day 7 - A Pirate Looks At 13

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Our tinkerers have been so awesome that we wanted to do something special for the weekend. So a few phone calls were made between a camp manager, a sea captain, a first mate, and another sea captain, which resulted in a sweet opportunity to head out on the San Francisco Bay in an 82' schooner called Seaward, for a 3 hour cruise. And it was quite a fun adventure.

When we got to the Bay Model Center, a very large game of Ninja broke out.

And after a brief safety intro...

...we got out on the water!

Yoelnardo DiCaprio

Yoelnardo DiCaprio

Portrait of a tinkerer (also happy birthday Johnny)

Portrait of a tinkerer (also happy birthday Johnny)

We started doing rotations on the ship. This included learning to steer the boat, reading charts, and the history of the Seaward.

A photo of Madelyn enjoying herself in the relaxing cold weather.

A photo of Madelyn enjoying herself in the relaxing cold weather.

We sailed across the bay for about an hour before passing under the Golden Gate bridge which very much prompted some echo attempts.

We then took a trip to Alcatraz Island to check out some of the graffiti relating to how native Californian tribes used the island as a sacred ground.

And after a brief cruise along the Sausalito side of the island, we started our journey back home to port.

And finally, back in port, we thanked our captains...

...and picked out a nice grassy patch to rest in!

But more important, we found a grassy patch to play in!

Finally, after a brief stop in a Safeway to get chocolate, we got back to camp, played some soccer, whittled some cool whittlings, and ate some chili and cornbread for dinner. We were all happy to be back in our yurts for the night, and hopefully will get a good night's sleep for some project work tomorrow. But for now, goodnight!



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