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Session B Day 3 - Fourth of July, but not yet...

Lauren Byunn-RiederComment

... because first we have to build. And build we do! After heading up the hill, we start immediately on our projects. Sean drills a hole to help build his team's boat.

After the boat's skeleton is complete, Niyati jigsaws rounded corners to make a more boatlike shape.

Team Panda is facing a problem. The base of their tree platform is not level, which will make building on it significantly more difficult. We consult, trying to find a way to secure their base to the tree AND make it level.

We decide the best way is to wrap paracord around the base and tree. Then we adjust everything to be level and then tighten the cord to cinch them together. Lauren checks the level on the base.

Once that's finished, we notice an interesting rope hanging from a branch. Katherine tests its rope swing potential.

But who wants a normal swing when we can have a tire swing? Once the tire is tied on, Lauren calls dibs to try it first.

Draw (Amelia) and Katherine are eager to join the fun.

Back at Piki's windmill, Martha holds the structure while Athena screws supports on.

Hayden demonstrates the awesomeness of clamps.

Nooi's boat is going well. Aman jigsaws out the inside...

...while Sean "scrubs the deck" with sandpaper.

Building is tire-ing (get it?). Lee takes a quick rest.

After lunch comes free build. Nisa is building a swiveling rocking chair base.

In order to protect the tree their treehouse is on, Kablooi lashes their wood onto the tree. Though twine by itself is weak, layers and layers of twine, tightly wound around the branch are super strong.

Liam screws in an upper support while Hayden holds the pieces together.

Windmill skeleton complete!

The next step for the windmill is to add plywood walls. We find a nice piece of plywood with a convenient window in the side. Athena contemplates all of our progress.

Wait! Gotta go, Fourth of July activities are beginning! Don't worry, you can see those in tomorrow's blog.

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