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Session E - Day 10 - All Night Long (Kind of)

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The cart team got their cart rolling!

The water team built a testing pool!

Aaaaaaand, last but certainly not least, the windmill team built a working prototype of their blades!


So after a long morning / afternoon of building, we all piled into vans and headed off to the beach for the night to have a cookout and bonfire. Unfortunately, our documentarian forgot his documentator, so he had to use a backup, which is about 20x less good. Also, the backup documentator ran out of storage.

We chose to go to Ocean Beach in San Francisco as it is the only legal beach in this part of California that allows bonfires.

As soon as we arrived at the beach, we immediately discovered some sand dunes that provided a great platform for jumping.

Which very quickly turned into jumping over other campers!

Of course, jumping and landing in sand can sometimes result in a sandy face. 

Pictured: Morgan flashin' his grill. 

Pictured: Morgan flashin' his grill. 

After some jumping, many games of "king of the hill", some pesky sand making it's way into some eyes, mouths, noses, and ears, we decided to call it, and head back to a newly built fire for make-your-own-potato-thing, brought to us by our new provisioner, Tamee! (Agent P was called out in the field for an undercover mission).

For the evening, we hired an alien to cook us dinner. Surprisingly, he was really nice! And apparently every alien's favorite song is Oh Yeah by Yello (the Ferris Bueller's Day Off song).

After we had our dinner and dessert, we huddled around the fire in search of warmth and good company, just as Alien Chef signaled to the mothership to beam him up.

After about an hour of huddling and talking, the ukelele was busted out, and a group rendition of All Star by Smash Mouth was played.

And to wrap it all up, after a very very fun evening, we packed up, and hit the road at approximately 10:30. Sorry parents.

The building continues tomorrow! Hopefully we're not too tired because as we approach the end of our time together, we're gonna try and really really crank out the final kinks in all the projects, but I can guarantee that we are all feeling confident that we will finish on time, and have a great story to tell by the end.

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