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TSO- A - Day 4- Other Kinds of Tinkering

2018 Session A - SeniorsTinkering School StaffComment

It was beach day today, a much needed break in the middle of the week to tinker in another environment and just relax. As we were getting into cars ready to hit the road, I kept hearing tinkerers say that they wanted to work on their project some more! It made me so happy to observe such excitement and dedication in their voices. Of course, all was forgotten once we got to the beach...

It was a relatively cold and cloudy day which meant that the water was out of bounds, but we explored our surroundings thoroughly. We walked in the lagoons, on rocks of varying shapes and sizes, observed the nature, picked up jellyfish and sang happy tunes. We regularly pet dogs as they crossed paths with us on their daily walks. 

On our way back some of us went to a fruit stall and bought a big crate of strawberries, some mangoes, artichokes, apples, a lemon, and cilantro. The other group went to Safeway to get us some popcorn for movie night and they also got bubble tea [lucky lucky]!!!! We will be watching The Incredibles tonight which I am very excited for. The tinkerers have been telling me how good it is and have been encouraging me to watch the second one. There are a lot of exciting snacks baking in the kitchen tonight as well. 
Beach Day is also the only day that tinkerers are required to shower, so everyone smells fresh, rejuvenated and excited for the evening. 

We explored our environment through our senses today, namely touch, we felt the grains of sand under our feet, we painfully felt the prickly rocks, the cold water on our toes, the soft brush of algae, the slimy jellyfish.... We observed our surroundings and found a rock that could be crafted into a pencil holder and a piece of driftwood that would make a wonderful table. Our minds are alive with ideas ready to work on our grand projects some more... 

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