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TSO-C/D - Day 3 - Building Up Defenses

2018 Session C/D-MiddlesTinkering School StaffComment

Tuesday morning brings a new decree from the queen. In it, there is a map of the two kingdoms and an announcement that points will be awarded for certain feats. The decree motivates the teams to get to work.

Tinkerers are eager start right back from where they left off.

Team Piki gets to work on the energy source of their ballista. They decide to start with bungee, but later on move to rope for more power.

When twisted, the ropes want to untwist which provides the energy for the ballista.

TSOC710 - 16.jpg

Jasper works on building the frame for Nooi's ballista which will stand above the forest floor.

TSOC710 - 7.jpg

To make the frame more structurally sound, they use 4x4s as posts. The posts serve a double purpose as they will be the connection points for the bungee of Nooi's ballista.

Back in the Sun Kingdom, team Piki devises a plan to put their ballista on a rolling platform. 

TSOC710 - 6.jpg

It rolls!

TSOC710 - 11.jpg

The swings around our build site are a perfect place to take a break from building.

Piki's castle has started to resemble more of a pyramid. A tower rises in the center of the square base and diagonal supports connect to the top of the tower.

Vince cuts out the trap door for the tower.

TSOC710 - 5.jpg

Arianna fastens a ladder to the top of Piki's tower.

TSOC710 - 15.jpg

Victoria starts a crest for the Forest Kingdom.

TSOC710 - 12.jpg

Onion paints the crest and uses wood shavings as leaves of the tree.

TSOC710 - 19.jpg

Time to tension and begin to test Piki's ballista!

TSOC710 - 20.jpg

After playing around with tension and feeling the power, team Piki decides they need more power. They decide to use 8 strands surrounding the ballista arm instead of the current 4. On Thursday, they plan to redesign and reinforce the boxes housing the torsion springs.

By the end of the day, both teams have platforms that can support people. However, there is still plenty to do to satisfy the queen.

Nooi's fort in the forest at the end of the day stands tall.

TSOC710 - 22.jpg

So does Piki's

TSOC710 - 21.jpg

Nooi's ballista is coming together!

TSOC710 - 23.jpg

Much progress was made today, and there are many changes to be made in the coming days. Tomorrow we will take a break from our projects and spend a day at the beach.

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