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TSO-C/D - Day 8 - The Revolt

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Sunday brings new faces to Tinkering School, adding to the group that stayed from last week. If just joining us and you're curious about what happened last week, check the last 7 blog posts.

It's a lazy Sunday morning at Tinkering School. We eat breakfast, watch the world cup, paint nails, and choreograph a movie scene while we wait to meet the new tinkerers.

Savan's Salon is born.

TSOC715 - 2.jpg
TSOC715 - 1.jpg

Once we have everyone, we hold our opening circle. There, we introduce ourselves and go over the rules of Tinkering School.

1. Don't hurt yourself or anyone else.

2. If you see a piece of fruit and you want it, you must eat it.

3. Roshambo with no funny business (dynamite, gun, dog, rocket, etc.).

4. Don't lawyer up.

6. We don't talk about it.

TSOC715 - 3.jpg

Caroline gathers everyone before we go up to the build site for tool training. 

TSOC715 - 4.jpg

Up at the build site, we break into four groups to cycle through 5 stations.

  1. Tour of the build site
  2. Clamp training
  3. Chop saw training
  4. Drill training
  5. Drill practice

We practice making cuts on the chopsaw, sporting a brand-new blade.

Caroline, our Camp Captain this week, tests out a chair made from clamps.

TSOC715 - 14.jpg

Savan, Watermelon, and Chris work on a horse. 

TSOC715 - 23.jpg

Watermelon tests out the horse.

TSOC715 - 24.jpg

We show off remmnants of last week's project

"Get big and be loud" is what we do in the unlikely event of encountering a mountain lion.

TSOC715 - 32.jpg

After tool training, the queen makes a grand entrance, rising above all, and announces that she will be taking the Sun Kingdom's land and that anything remaining in the land the next morning, including the castle, will be burned. The queen has become a tyrant.

TSOC715 - 33.jpg

In response to the queen's announcement, we move the wall from last week to block the queen from taking over Piki's castle.

TSOC715 - 40.jpg

The people of the Sun and Forest kingdoms decide to revolt against the queen. Onion declares the queen has been quietly assassinated and that Piki and Nooi have banded together to form Kablooi. There will be a fair in the near future to celebrate the overthrowing of the queen.

TSOC715 - 39.jpg

On the walk back from the build site, there is already chatter about forming a new government to restore order to the Tinkering School Kingdom. In its current state, there will be daily elections for the positions of Head Activist (ideas and plans), Head Realist (keeps things plausible and fun), and Head Collaborator (prevents chaos) each with a term limit of 2 days. Tomorrow we'll start planning for the fair and hold our first elections.

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