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TSO-C/D - Day 12 - The Wheel Deal

2018 Session C/D-MiddlesTinkering School StaffComment

Energized after a hiatus from building, tinkerers rush to start where the left off at the end of Tuesday.

The ferris wheel team quickly picks off with a new seat design. 

This time the seat comfortably can fit both tinkerers and collaborators.

TSOD719 - 9.jpg
TSOD719 - 16.jpg

More benches are constructed for the feast.

TSOD719 - 11.jpg

Savan cuts plywood which will be used as the bench top.

TSOD719 - 28.jpg

The thunderdome team (now called thunderfoam as the combat will be with foam weapons), adds canvas to the door frames. The canvas will be lifted up with a pulley system, releasing the combatants.

TSOD719 - 5.jpg

Arianna and PK get creative to reach to the top of the thunderfoam.

TSOD719 - 12.jpg
TSOD719 - 14.jpg

Watermelon with 3 of the 4 new ferris wheel seats.

TSOD719 - 17.jpg
TSOD719 - 20.jpg

With all the pieces ready, it is time to construct the wheel.

TSOD719 - 26.jpg

The next step is to line the two sides of the wheel up at the corners.

TSOD719 - 27.jpg

A finished bench is transported to the table in the forest.

TSOD719 - 3.jpg

The ground is slanted so the team needs to add to the legs to level the bench.

TSOD719 - 4.jpg

The bridge team starts adding segments to the tensioned cable.

TSOD719 - 36.jpg

The wheel is finally ready to lift off the ground.

TSOD719 - 30.jpg

The axle is knocked with a dead blow so that the wheel sits center.

TSOD719 - 31.jpg

It takes a couple whacks.

TSOD719 - 32.jpg
TSOD719 - 33.jpg

We move the wheel to the side supports.

TSOD719 - 34.jpg

It all fit after some wiggling.

TSOD719 - 35.jpg

A rotating chair is set up as an additional attraction at our growing festival.

TSOD719 - 37.jpg
TSOD719 - 38.jpg

Savan, as the lightest tinkerer, tests the ferris wheel first when it is time to spin it.

TSOD719 - 40.jpg

Pure joy ensues.

TSOD719 - 41.jpg
TSOD719 - 43.jpg
TSOD719 - 44.jpg

After all our testing, the ferris wheel still stands tall. Tomorrow the team will improve the seats, making them more sturdy.

TSOD719 - 45.jpg

Being the last build day, the teams tomorrow will push to have finished projects. Soon, the Kingdom of Tinkering School will have a grand festival.

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