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TSO-C/D - Day 13 - Friday Feast

2018 Session C/D-MiddlesTinkering School StaffComment

It's Friday which means it's the last day to build. There are a lot of refining and finishing touches to add. At the end of the day, we will hold our long anticipated feast. 

The ferris wheel team jumps into seat reinforcements.

TSOD720 - 22.jpg

Aaron and Chris work on a loading platform for the ferris wheel.

TSOD720 - 14.jpg

Katherine builds a ladder to get on top of the platform

TSOD720 - 27.jpg

Vince makes adjustments to the 0-Grav Chair by adding an improved strap system.

TSOD720 - 4.jpg

TIme to test the changes.

TSOD720 - 21.jpg

Spencer and Zachary spray glue to make the canvas rigid, allowing for holes to drilled in the canvas without it fraying.

TSOD720 - 15.jpg

Eisen and PK drill a hole for bungee to be threaded through which will create a boxing ring look.

TSOD720 - 5.jpg

Arianna tests out the pulley system that lifts the doors simultaneously.

TSOD720 - 1.jpg

Charlotte and Morgan add more sections to the bridge.

TSOD720 - 10.jpg

In the process they accidentally split one of the pieces of wood, creating a cool photo opportunity.

TSOD720 - 11.jpg

Soon there will be enough bridge to walk on.

TSOD720 - 20.jpg

The feast team is almost done with the table and benches that we will sit on for the feast.

Watermelon paints banners for the festival.

TSOD720 - 23.jpg

Katherine tests out the loading platform for the ferris wheel.

TSOD720 - 24.jpg

The bridge team does their first weight test.

TSOD720 - 25.jpg

Others are excited to hop on.

TSOD720 - 8.jpg
TSOD720 - 28.jpg

Soon enough, the segments span the whole length of the bridge.

TSOD720 - 6.jpg
TSOD720 - 9.jpg

The Thunderfoam is ready for battle.

TSOD720 - 30.jpg

With the doors raised, the battle is on.

TSOD720 - 29.jpg
TSOD720 - 7.jpg

The day passes quickly and its time for our feast.

TSOD720 - 16.jpg

We enjoy a feast in the forest.

TSOD720 - 13.jpg

Because of all the structures, the feast a vertical element.

TSOD720 - 1 (1).jpg

After our feast, we head down for our closing fire. At the fire, we share memories from the week and eat s'mores and starbursts. Tomorrow we will show off our projects and then deconstruct the Kingdom of TInkering School.

TSOD720 - 26.jpg

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