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TSO-E- Day 2 - Building and Failing

2018 Session E - All AgesTinkering School StaffComment

Tinkering School day 2 started bright and early as everyone jumped out of bed, excited to hear this week's project theme. After breakfast, our Camp Captain, Kaitlyn, announced what we would be working on for the next five days...becoming sky pirates! Bursting with ideas, tinkerers began brainstorming within their three groups. That is, after making group agreements: rules that the group communally decides to abide by for working in teams. 

Finally, we all head up to the work site and get started. 

Kiana and Ben pick out wood to work with.

Lauren, Jack, and Nave find the perfect piece of plywood for their ship floor.

And then get to work...

Kiana and Kya mark the wood for a cut.

Finn and Cate work on supports for their treetop ship.


Meanwhile, others work on individual pieces for their projects.

Some tinkerers even learn to use some new tools!

Caroline shows Lauren and Jack how to properly use the circular saw, while Sam shows Potatoness, Paul, and Swaggy Dog to use the electric sander.

Time for lunch!

After enjoying our various panini pressed sandwiches, some take to the swings while others bond over singing the entire Hamilton soundtrack.

After lunch we have a little time to free build, or build whatever we can think of with whoever we want.

Potatoness, Paul, and Finn sand the bike seat in a bicycle improvement effort.

Cate, Jack, and Sage work on a project TBD in the next free build session.


After free build we have one last push to do the most we can on our projects before dinner.

Ara gives Henry a small boost to help attach a tree zip line.


Finally, we end the day with Tinkering School's signature learning opportunity: making mistakes!

While tightening the zip line, our rope suddenly breaks from the extreme stress! We decide to implement paracord tomorrow morning.

Riding down the hill on the newly improved bike, the front wheel couldn't quite take the rocky terrain and fell off! Tomorrow we will restrategize and reattach the wheel for more testing.

It's been a long day at Tinkering School finishing off with a creek exploration and a private viewing of The Princess Bride in our very own conference room. Now, tucked away in bed, we dream of the bigger and better things we will build tomorrow!

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