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TSO-E- Day 3 - Goats and Knives

2018 Session E - All AgesTinkering School Staff1 Comment

Good morning Tinkering School! After a quick breakfast we head up to the build site to get started for today.

Michaela, Ang, and Kiana start out by planning what to do for the day.

Niko works with Kaitlyn to cut out angel wings for a flying pirate ship.

Everyone makes excellent use of the morning build time, assembling various pieces for their projects.

Gladly we all take a lunch break after such a productive morning. Still, the announcement of free build picks everyone back up.

Kiana drills a hole to hang up her sign, Lauren burns the end of the rope for her friendship bracelet so it doesn't fray, Michaela and Henry paint the side of their project, and Sage, Kya, Jack, and Cate work to make a rope chair.

For the second half of our build day, we get some awesome structures up.

Caroline helps Ally, Sage, Paul, Jack, and Lauren hoist up the support for their crow's nest.

Then, Caroline, Paul, and Lauren lift the crow's nest up to be attached. 

Adam helps Ally, Nave, Jack, and Lauren haul over a support.

Then, we get an extra break: a farm tour!

Back at the build site we squeeze in a little more work before dinnertime.

Swaggy dog and Isabella drill their plywood floor onto supports.

We're just about ready to head back, but not before some fun with animal crackers!

After resting awhile, Caroline makes an exciting announcement: it's time for knife training. In order to earn and keep your knife each tinkerer must abide by our knife safety rules.

1. Cut away from yourself.
2. Make sure everyone is at least an arm's length away while using your knife.
3. You must have three contact points to a sturdy surface while cutting.
4. Keep your knife locked at all times.
5. Keep your knife sharp.

We practice using the knifes before getting them for the week.

Later that night, as we whittle away at the time and our sticks, the power goes out! Thankfully, it comes back on just in time for bed, so we can all get a good night's rest before beach day!

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