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TSO-E- Day 4 - Seas-ing the Day

2018 Session E - All AgesTinkering School StaffComment

It's beach day! We have to take a couple trips to get to Redondo Beach, so tinkerers Finn and Henry read as they wait.

Once we get to the beach, Finn, Paul, and Henry begin to explore the cliffs.

Then, of course, playing tag in the water!

Nave even finds a seawhip (non-technical term) by the tide pools.

Although hot, the beach sun provides some beautiful lighting for portraits. Ang poses for a quick pic while Kya admires a ladybug, and Kiana tries on my sunglasses.

After lunch Finn and Kya enjoy some more reading.

Right before we leave, a little more exploring ensues...

After we get back and everyone takes a shower, we watch Treasure Island and go to bed with dreams of sky pirates. Good night Tinkering School!

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