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TSO-F- Day 2 - Robot Rally

2018 Session F - MiddlesTinkering School StaffComment

As we slowly wake up, a hot breakfast is waiting for us. The campers then took some time to play at the tinker table and experiment with LEDs and batteries.

At 9 o'clock, we all meet. Caroline starts the meeting off by asking what kind of rules they would like to have set for themselves. The campers come up with:

1. Keep your group informed (i.e. make sure everyone is involved and knows what is going on).
2. Have a plan and stay organized.
3. Be kind, ask politely, and treat others how THEY want to be treated. *The campers had originally had "Treat others how you want to be treated." But Caroline and Daniel said "What if you want peanut butter on your face, does that mean its okay for me to put peanut butter on Daniels face?" Then the campers decided to change the rule to "Treat others how THEY want to be treated." 
4. Say "Yes! And..." to new ideas; don't shut down other peoples ideas, instead build off of them.
5. Ask "How can I help?"
6. If there is an emergency, find a collaborator that can help you.

Once they finish coming up with the list, Caroline has them each sign it, as a contract for how they need to be when working in groups. 

TSO-2018-F-0730 - 1.jpg

After the campers sign the paper, they all sit back down and for the project reveal. Caroline asks the campers what they think a robot is. Some campers imagine robots, like Baymax from Big Hero Six, some are thinking more along the lines of Siri. Caroline asks the campers to come up with a robot and draw it. 

After the campers finish their drawings, everyone stands up and walks around to observe everyones ideas. Many campers have really cool ideas of what they would have if they could create their robot. 

After they go over these ideas together. They come up with the observation that most of the designs can hold people and/or have wheels. The campers decide that it would be cool if they could make a robot that could hold a few people and move in some sort of way. The campers go back to the drawing board, to come up with more ideas. 

Two of the more popular designs that came up, could hold multiple people, and moved. The campers were interested in both robots using wheels, and mechanical legs.

The campers get split into two groups: wheels and legs.

TSO-2018-F-0730 - 13.jpg

The groups each have a set of challenges they must face. The Leg group is in charge of making a robot that moves with mechanical legs, and must be able to grab things. The wheels group is in charge of making a robot that moves, using wheels, must be able to go uphill, and it must be able to grab things. 

The campers meet up with their groups to start designing. 

TSO-2018-F-0730 - 14.jpg
Project lead, Adam, works with a few of his team members experimenting with motors.

Project lead, Adam, works with a few of his team members experimenting with motors.

TSO-2018-F-0730 - 16.jpg

As camp progresses, the clothespin war gets more and more intense.

After brainstorming and planning out their designs, they head up the hill to start building. Although most walked, some campers rode up on the back of Julie's truck. Everyone met up with their teams, gathered materials, and got to work.                                                                               

Throughout the day, tinkerers took breaks on swings, made by previous campers, and explored the area.

TSO-2018-F-0730 - 30.jpg

During lunch, the collaborators held a shady staff meeting.

After lunch, the campers continued working on their projects, even through their free-build time.  Overall the campers had a very productive afternoon.

Nisa made a skateboard and Viggo decides to test it out.

As sunset nears, we decide to circle up again and Kaitlin closes us out. She asks each group what progress they've made, letting them reflect on their busy day of building. The group heads down for a well-deserved dinner. 

As the group prepares to head down, Julie offers rides in her truck. The campers enjoy the ride as the breeze blows by their faces. 

The day winds down with a delicious dinner and entertaining games. As the campers slowly trickle to their yurts, the camp becomes still and the campers fall asleep in preparation for their work-filled day tomorrow. 

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