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TSO-B - Day 4 - A Distinct Kind of Tired

2018 Session B - JuniorsTinkering School Staff3 Comments
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There's a distinct kind of tired that sinks into your bones after a day at Redondo Beach, after treading through tide pools and scavenging for hermit crabs, after climbing cliffs and picking up rocks for geology experiments, after getting buried in sand up to your neck and getting sunburnt up to your shin, after tossing holi powder into the air and showering our bodies in green and red and blue, after blowing smoke circles with the fog machine and flinging LED helicopters and baking cookies for ice cream sandwiches and mummy-wrapping ourselves in toilet paper and dancing until late into the night. We are all feeling that kind of tired right now, and so we're going to go to bed. The Heist will resume tomorrow...

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