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TSO-B - Day 5 - Bit by Bit

2018 Session B - JuniorsTinkering School Staff2 Comments
TSOB705 - 76.jpg

Today began with The Safety Inspector, who looked an awful lot like Caroline with a paracord mustache, visiting each project group and pushing them to think more intensely about structural integrity. It was the day in the build process where the challenges got a little bit more specific, deeper, and challenging. 

TSOB705 - 17.jpg

Anabella and Ronin nearly finished their grabber tool. At first, the eight grabby fingers jammed against each other and they couldn't hold onto objects, but once they removed a few digits and added some sandpaper, they could grip apples and headphones and just about anything. 

TSOB705 - 50.jpg

The getaway car group confronted a challenge with their steering mechanism which didn't seem to move in sync with their handlebar. They tinkered it with it all afternoon until it worked.

Ashley even began work on a zip line bungee chair, which sounds like the most awesome thing ever!  

TSOB705 - 2.jpg

After a visit with the Safety Inspector, the Outhouse group further stabilized their structure, adding a bunch of diagonal beams and a ladder to their structure. Finally, they passed Sharpies around the camp site and asked folks to tag their bathroom so it looked extra uninviting to any suspicious passerbys.    

TSOB705 - 27.jpg

The pulley group, led by Ahaan, added more surface area to the bank tower rooftop so our burglars can more safely scooch onto the pulley seat and nab the Big Beautiful Jewel. 

Midway through the day, I passed off my camera to various kids who cruised through the woods and throughout the build site, snapping gorgeous portraits of each other. I believe that a photograph often reveals the relationship between the cameraperson and its subject — and if these photos are any indication, there's a lot of love among this group. 

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