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TSO-F- Day 4 - Beach Adventure

2018 Session F - MiddlesTinkering School StaffComment

The campers woke up, excited for beach day. We eat a delicious and filling breakfast, made by RAD (Ryker, Aj, and Daniel), in preparation for the big day ahead of us. After breakfast, everyone gets ready for the beach, equipped with their towels, bathing suits, and water bottles, ready to explore, get wet, and hang out. We all meet at the circle of benches, right outside the conference center, and Caroline makes sure we're all sun-screened up before we go. Then we divide up into groups, to fit in several cars, and leave.

Caroline's own words coming back to get her

Caroline's own words coming back to get her

TSO-2018-F-0731 - 1.jpg

Fisher explores the hills through the telescope as he waits to leave for the beach. 

TSO-2018-F-0731 - 3.jpg

Before going to the beach, Alex and Divya look for ladybugs. 

Collaborator, Adam, notices me taking photos.

Collaborator, Adam, notices me taking photos.

After the meeting, everyone hops into cars, and we make our way to the beach. 

TSO-2018-F-0731 - 5.jpg

We make our way down the difficult and narrow path trying to avoid falling into the water. Unfortunately, one camper dropped their water bottle over the edge of the cliff and into the water. Some of us were also unlucky to fall into the water while making our way down to the beach.

The campers try to navigate across the treacherous cliff and make their way towards the beach.

The campers try to navigate across the treacherous cliff and make their way towards the beach.

The campers and a few collaborators grow annoyed with having to wait so long. Luckily, Daniel comes to the rescue! 

TSO-2018-F-0731 - 9.jpg

Daniel helps each individual camper down the cliff. 

One by one, the campers jump done from the cliff onto the beach.

Beach day was filled with many activities. Some campers relaxed and read books, while others built tracks for toy cars or explored the caves. Daniel took a group of campers to 

TSO-2018-F-0731 - 19.jpg

After a while, everyone enjoyed a sandwich that they had made in the morning.

After lunch, the campers had fun throwing colorful cornstarch at each other. 

TSO-2018-F-0731 - 30.jpg

It was discovered that when the colored starch is mixed with water, it creates oobleck!

TSO-2018-F-0731 - 41.jpg

On the way back from the beach, we stop at a local boba shop, Boba Dude, to refresh after our long day at the beach.

After we get back from boba, we all hopped in the showers getting ready for dinner. After dinner, everyone felt revitalized and energetic. We were then told to circle up outside. 

TSO-2018-F-0731 - 5 (1).jpg

Caroline gathers us all at the benches and announces that she will be training all the campers on how to use knives! 

Knife training is a big part of Tinkering School. It's not only a souvenir campers get to take from Tinkering School, but also a right of passage. In knife training, there are five rules that are learned and tested. If the camper passes, they will get to use the knife throughout the week on a probational period. If they are caught using the knife unsafely, their knife will be taken away. However, if they properly use the knife throughout the week, they will be able to take their knife home. The five knife safety rules are: 
1. Always cut away from yourself
2. Safety bubble
3. Three points of contact
4. Always keep your knife locked
5. Always keep your knife sharp


TSO-2018-F-0801 - 1.jpg

To close out the night, we voted on a movie, and unsurprisingly, The Princess Bride won. A few campers made hot chocolate and cookies to share. After the movie ended, the campers got ready to go to bed, preparing for their big push tomorrow. 

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