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TSO-F- Day 5 - Robot Rising

2018 Session F - MiddlesTinkering School Staff1 Comment

After a well deserved break at the beach, everyone woke up energized and ready to continue their project. After breakfast, many campers had so much energy they played games like Speed and also did LARP-ing. At nine o'clock, we circled around on the benches and started our walk up to the build site. 

TSO-2018-F-0802 - 1.jpg

The legs team was ready to assemble their legs and finish their scoops. The wheels team was excited to work on their steering mechanism and their massive rear wheel. Their steering mechanism has a steering wheel that goes through their chassis and attaches to a bar with a nut and bolt. It was a challenge to put together, but in the end very successful. The leg design is very technically complicated which leads to some frustration with the campers. They persevered and worked diligently through the afternoon. 

TSO-2018-F-0802 - 2.jpg

Stella and Alex, on the wheels team, measure out wood for the wall of their vehicle. 

Campers work diligently to fix, tweak, and progress on their projects. They try to work through any problems before time is up. Fisher uses the drill press and chop saw. He practices the safety protocol by ensuring that everyone is ready before he makes his cut. AJ lays out pieces of wood to create his design. Stella uses the drill press to create holes for er axel. Siana drills holes for her scoop.

After free build, in the afternoon, the campers headed down the hill to visit Elkus Ranch's animals. The donkeys, Sassy and Pippy, were very calm and fun to feed. They liked getting their fur brushed. The llama, Spice, was very grumpy, staring angrily at the campers.

After visiting the donkeys, we ventured over to see the goats. The goats were very excited to see us, frolicking around their pen, always trying to get our attention. It wasn't hard for them, of  course, because of their irresistible cuteness. 

Next up were the chickens. Because they were injured, campers were not allowed to pick up the chickens. Even with this, they were fun to be around and pet. Twist was a common favorite.

After visiting the animals, they went back up the hill to continue their projects. Wheels team made a checklist of things to get done. They were able to connect their third wheel, create their pedals, and finalize their steering mechanism. 

Throughout the day, campers took breaks to swing, whittle, and have snacks.

The legs group worked on re-designing their scoops, so they wouldn't be as heavy or bulky. They also worked on assembling the legs of their vehicle. 

TSO-2018-F-0802 - 41.jpg

At the end of the day, campers headed back down the hill to dinner. After dinner, campers had the option to have free build time. At free build, the Leg team got their structure on its feet. We finished off the night with everyone watching Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole. The campers went to sleep anticipating their final push tomorrow. We can't wait to see what they accomplish!

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