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2014 Session D - Juniors

Day 5 - Climbing higher

2014 Session D - JuniorsJoshua RothhaasComment

Thursday - it's back to work, after our day away at the beach. We spend the morning enjoying breakfast and cleaning up our bunks. When we finally meander up to the barn, it's with the excited energy of a group ready to build and tinker. The elevator team is on top of it - their goal today is to get the improvements on the elevator added and the elevator back in testing condition.

IMG 4607

Joey takes a moment to sit on top of a scaffold, gazing out.

IMG 4614

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Kaiden sets to work on a ladder for Tower Two.

IMG 4624

It comes together quickly.

IMG 4627

An upside down Oren, with a photo-bombing Gretchen for reference.


Of course, even the excitement of working on the climbing structure can't keep us from visiting with the chickens.

Isabella grabs "Feather Foot." IMG 4652

Makai coaxes "Zebra" onto his lap. IMG 4667

Lydia and Dora have been working hard on the "zip line" turned tram. They work on piecing together rails.

IMG 4645

Ludmilla left us a legacy when she departed on Tuesday - a gorgeous climbing wall. Today, we managed to mount it on the side of Tower One.

Isabella tries it out. IMG 4679

Lydia gives it a go.

IMG 4697

Looks comfortable up top!

IMG 4723

Michael pauses work for a second to glance over. He's been a diligent member of the Tower One team from the start, and can almost always be found working on that tower.

IMG 4687

Portrait of the barn: A view from the side of Tower One.

IMG 4725

A true climbing structure like this one leaves room for gymnastics.

IMG 4734


Tekuru's grown a mustache.


Emma adds to the elevator.



Makai works on adding plywood to the side of the tower for shear strength.


Tower Two is finally stable enough to climb on top of. Mostly.

Josh tests it out.



Portrait of a Tinkerer: Michael, working.


A lesson on how to cut a rope with a sharp knife - one of the simple tasks that is so exceptionally satisfying. With a hot enough knife, it slides through paracord like butter, leaving behind perfect, fray-free ends. Something everyone should try at some point.

IMG 4749

IMG 4854

Lilah, aboard the elevator - it's all smile.

IMG 4777

The mechanism consists of four pulleys- two on top and two on the bottom, with a cleat to stop it from slipping back down unintentionally. The rider pulls his or herself up by pulling down on the rope, and can push up on a piece of plywood controlling the cleat to drop down.

IMG 4771

Makai, enjoying himself.

IMG 4805

Your Daily Goat.

IMG 4810

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Dora, a elf in a the magical land of Tinker.

IMG 4811

The elevator "handle" for pulling yourself up - Tekuru takes control.

IMG 4812

Portrait of a Donkey Fan: Emma pets on of the farm's miniature donkeys.


Marco, heading back into the barn.

IMG 4826

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Michael, thoughtful.

IMG 4827

Kevin, one of our Junior Collaborators, explains something to Gretchen.

IMG 4848

Makai, armed with a drill and ready to take on any task.

IMG 4884

Gretchen, wrapped up as a present with a big, maroon bow.

IMG 4893

As a side project throughout the day, we've used stencils and blue and orange spray paint to make T-shirts. Some of the results ....

IMG 4904

The creativity is overwhelming.

IMG 4905

IMG 4908

Satisfied with the success of the elevator tests, the team decorates. With splatter paint.

IMG 4916

Lilah and Emma customize their jeans.

IMG 4972

IMG 5001

The creative energy extends to Josh's hair.

IMG 5030

We end the day with another bout at the tire swings. We've built more, bigger, higher. We're starting to see projects headed toward completion. Today's been a wonderful, exciting success.

IMG 5080

Day 4 - Beach Play

2014 Session D - JuniorsJoshua RothhaasComment

Today is beach day. A Tinkering School tradition for Wednesday, it gives us a chance to stop, take some time away from our project, and reset before heading back to work.

All packed and ready, Tekuru plays on the tree as she waits for the group to gather.

IMG 4366

Beach day means waving goodbye to our projects for a time, taking our minds off of them, and taking the chance to play with new challenges instead.

IMG 4391

We explore the tools we've had all week in a new light. Away from the context of the project, it can become anything. Focusing on a specific task restricts our ability to think outside the box - we take a second to reengage that part of our minds.

IMG 4405

We get hands on in new ways.

IMG 4432

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Kaiden, captivated.

IMG 4458

The beach is the perfect spot to experience a sense of freedom - outside of restricted walls. Boundaries seem limitless, the landscape open for exploration.

IMG 4461

Beach day is pure play. Not the fun of working through a challenge, dealing with frustrations, tinkering that working in the barn is, but and exciting, "weeee" type of fun. That's what we come here for, and we find it in abundance.

IMG 4476

The excitement is incredible. Taking a break resets our excitement for when we come back to the barn, and makes the next two day that much better for it.

IMG 4490

We race to explore - this energy for exploration, the joy of trying things out - we look for it when we build, when we tinker. Sometimes we can understand it better in the distilled form we can find on the beach, but when we come back, we can apply it to the barn.

IMG 4494

IMG 4504

We jump boundaries.

IMG 4528

At the beach, the weight of a goal is lifted from us. The option to do nothing, in and of itself, often encourages us to try something. Failure has no consequences when nothing is resting on the success. So beach day encourages us to take risks, try new things.

IMG 4507

Its a chance to work with our group in a new context, too, learn about each other in a new way.


Portrait of a Facilitator: Josh drying off after a swim.

IMG 4541

And perhaps part of the reason we have beach day is how happy it makes us.

IMG 4546

IMG 4547

IMG 4548

Beach day gets us off to a running start on the second half of the week.

IMG 4558

We take a break from building, get a chance to clear our heads.


It gives us a chance to rest.

IMG 4567

We're in a different space, and that space offers new ways to gather.


We create - headbands out of paracord, sand castles, games.

IMG 4572

In a strange way, beach day can be the most productive day all week. It enables us to move forward, but it is itself more than that. It's an entire platform built for tinkering, exploring, learning in the true Tinkering School fashion - through freedom and hands on play.

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Megan, home after the long day.

IMG 4600

After showers and dinner, we head down to the playground to swing on the tire swings - we aren't to tired to have more fun.


Swing battles! Take a look at that movement!


Day 3 - Progress and Playfulness

2014 Session D - JuniorsJoshua RothhaasComment

Rise and shine! Josh's ukulele strumming brings him a gathering of tinkerers outside after breakfast, who sing along and convince him to attempt to learn "The Best Day." We have "special breakfast" this morning, complete with warm waffles and sausages, equipping ourselves for a long day file with lots of progress.

IMG 4352

IMG 4337

We head up to the barn to pick up where we left off on the projects. The second tower, which was built upside-down, was flipped half-way over last night during barn time, and one of the first things we did was turn it all the way up.


Portrait of a Tinkerer: Lydia using the handsaw.

P1150501 The elevator team sets up to work, re-thinking their design and gathering as a group to reset. Tuesday is great for this - Monday, we're given a chance to get used to the tools, try out things, and see what works. Tuesday gives us a chance to build on our successes, learn from our failures, and improve.

D7K 2350

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Megan, perched on the edge of the goat pen.


The elevator team, Joey, Emma, and Lilah, get started.


Kaiden, chop saw spinning, slices through a board. There's something powerful about cutting through wood in a single go.


The new brace for the elevator is coming along- meant to stop the ropes from interfering with the seating.


Ryker, up on make-shift scaffolding, works four feet off the ground to screw in some boards. Lots of the work today has to happen up high, so some of the first pieces we put together are "stool-like" scaffolds. These scaffolds are interesting in and of themselves as structures, and will be added to the climbing structure once they've accomplished their original purpose.


Lulu, drilling up - animated as always.


Portrait of a Tinkerer: Marco peers out from behind a beam. With a big, bandaged, thumbs up.


We head back up after lunch, and our progress makes leaps and bounds.

Makai sits on one of the scaffolds, reaching up to work on attaching diagonal braces for the top of the fort. Stabilization is the key aim of the day on the second tower- making sure it doesn't wobble at all before we attempt to climb up on it.

D7K 2362

The first tower's second story is beginning to come together. Almost all of the beams have been added, and the team sets to work on a "staircase" to the first floor.

D7K 2367

D7K 2380

The elevator team, too, has been seeing huge amounts of progress- their triangular pieces attached, they look now to add plywood to stabilize and strengthen them

D7K 2368

Tekuru lends a hand painting the climbing wall - a bright, brilliant, happy yellow.

D7K 2378

Portrait of some Tinkerers: Dora and Tekuru, a bit crazy. In small quantities, craziness is encouraged - this bunch sure has the excited energy for it.


Your Daily Goat.

D7K 2385

We've been at work most of the afternoon - even goat breaks have been wearing thin. And so as a group, we head for the creek at the bottom of the the ranch - off on an adventure.

D7K 2391

Portrait of a walk: The discovery of a hole.

D7K 2399

We find a banana slug.

D7K 2401

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Tekuru, thrilled to be holding a lizard.

D7K 2405

Portrait of aforementioned lizard: Aboard a finger.

D7K 2409

Lulu and Megan examine it closely.

D7K 2414

Explorations abound.

D7K 2423

Today has been filled with work, pauses, work, and more play. We take moments to stop and see the chickens, rest and brush the goats. But we chug ever forward, always making progress. And so goes Tuesday.


Tuesday ends in movie night - featuring "The Incredibles." We eat popcorn, laugh, and gather together. It's wonderful.

D7K 2424

Day 2 - Let's build it big!

2014 Session D - JuniorsJoshua RothhaasComment

The morning begins slowly as we ease into our first day. We head down to feed the compost to the chickens - they love having us here, because they get bagels...

IMG 3706

Monday's special because it the day we begin - we learn what the project is going to be, and we set to work. And so we gather 'round to hear what we'll spend the week working on - our masterpiece to-be.

This week, we'll be building a giant jungle gym, spanning the barn, filled with sub-projects - anything the kids want to build. Minds set to work, cogs spin...

IMG 3725

The structure team takes a look at the beam and triangles in the barn roof for inspiration. Michael, Ludmila, Tekuru, and Dora all pitch in ideas.

IMG 3736

Pete, one of our collaborators, works with the elevator team: Emma, Lilah, Joey - the excitedly brainstorm.

IMG 3746

Gretchen and Isabella want to build a swing - and so they make their ideas a reality. Megan and Kaiden look on.

IMG 3760

The structure team builds beams.

IMG 3778

Joey tests out the plywood bottom for the elevator.

IMG 3788

A team works on a balance beam - to be hung above a still theoretical giant net.

IMG 3800

Within the hour, the barn is full of the sound of drills - construction has begun.

IMG 3821

Whittling breaks are encourages whenever the tinkerers feel they need one. Isabella takes advantage of that.

IMG 3834

The structural beams are going up.

IMG 3840

The "zip - line" team works on a wheeled cart that rolls down a track above the ground, with a gondola hanging from the bottom.

IMG 3846

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Gretchen, grinning.

IMG 3852

Emma and Pete screw the elevator "cabin" together.

IMG 3857

Tekuru's first imaginings of the jungle gym.

IMG 3879

After lunch, we gather as a group to reframe the problem - shifting the goals from a triangular tower to two rectangular ones, so the zip - line can span the middle.

IMG 3891

Isabella and Ludmilla are building a climbing wall.

IMG 3909

IMG 3922

Portrait of a Tinkerer - Marco proudly shows off his bandage - he nicked his thumb whittling this morning.

IMG 3925

A pointy stick holder. This group has taken pointy sticks to the next level.

IMG 3932

The walls for tower two, beginning to go up - it's getting bigger!

IMG 3957

The walls for tower one are coming together too. Michael's been among the hard workers on that team.

IMG 3976

Kaiden screws the walls of tower two in.

IMG 3987

The zip-line team discusses. This tight group has a lot of design challenges and finicky bits to think through, and have been attaching the problems as they come up with tremendous patience and persistence .

IMG 3998

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Emma pauses her task to glance over.

IMG 4007

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Lydia, determined.

IMG 4015

Lilah grabs a hammer.

IMG 4024

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Isabella, wistful.

IMG 4030

Makai, whittling - he, along with the rest of this group, filled with avid whittlerers, are getting good at the craft.

IMG 4044

Joey and the elevator team work out a clever solution for creating the hugely long braid they're working on.

IMG 4047

IMG 4056

Ryker and Isabella, heading towards the barn together.

IMG 4062

Gretchen and Tree. She's found her niche, climbing up to help attach the pulley system for the elevator test.

IMG 4070

Megan tries... and it works. Sort-of. Its a bit "awkward" to ride in, reports Emma. And so it's back to the barn to tinker with the problem.

IMG 4100

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Michael at work.

IMG 4121

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Kaiden helps out.

IMG 4124

Isabellla's contracting a miniature village, built out of wood scraps carefully decorated with sharpie.

IMG 4130

Aiden tries out the first floor of the first tower. Success!

IMG 4136

After a great day in the barn - we have two tower each almost complete to the first floor, we head in for dinner.

Then, it's time to hit the tire swings.

IMG 4257

IMG 4264

Tekuru is an developing artist - she lays down on the floor of the first story to draw.

IMG 4299

The partially completed deck inspires a group of painter.

IMG 4304

We have a jungle gym. It's begun - the chaos, the huge, ambitious goal of a project that reaches into the sky - or at least the rafters. This team can do it- their energy soars, and the week is just beginning. Let's build it big!

IMG 4329

Day 1 - Coalescence

2014 Session D - JuniorsJoshua RothhaasComment

Tinkerers sweep in, arriving slowly at first, then in bursts. Parents mill about, exploring, signing in, then hugs and goodbyes. Today is Sunday - the first day of a new session, of a new group, filled with potential. It's exciting and leisurely, fun mixed with pauses to absorb new tool training.

We gather as a group - introduce ourselves, and the talk about knife safety rules - and then, as Tinkering School tradition dictates, we all get a knife.

And the whittling begins.

Little sticks...

IMG 3385

Big sticks....

IMG 3393

A 2x3.... Any piece of wood will do.

IMG 3379

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Gretchen grins at the successful completion of the Tinkering School perfected pointy stick - the most popular project.

IMG 3398

And then it's off to one of the most important Sunday activities - chop saw training. Understanding how to use this much loved tool safely is vital for the week to come - with the exception of the drills, it's the most used power tools.

Josh explains the basics as the group looks on.

IMG 3413

And then everyone has a go - the best way to learn is to try it yourself.

For pictures of more of the kids having a turn - check out the flickr feed.

IMG 3429

The proper response to a "ready" call - a silent thumbs up, so that any loud objections can be heard.

IMG 3502

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Ryker, curious.

IMG 3539

We learn by doing - in order to understand the direction in which a 2 x 3 is strong, we jump on it to break it. After three successive kids make an attempt, Ludmilla tries...

IMG 3583


IMG 3586

A crowd watches Josh as he demonstrates how to use the drills.

IMG 3619

Portrait of a Collaborator: Oren contemplates.

IMG 3621

Portrait of the Barn: The rafters.

IMG 3626

Small groups grab pieces of scrap wood and put to use what they've learned, practicing drilling holes and screwing boards together.

IMG 3634

IMG 3639

IMG 3633

Hands of a Tinkerer: Makai, pre-drilling.

IMG 3644

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Tekuru glances over.

IMG 3656

Dinner is filled with discussions: the classic "Jiro's boat" (a discussion of possession and identity), and further storytelling.

We finish the evening with an early birthday celebration for Kevin (a Junior Collaborator), armed with the pie she brought with her for the group to share.

IMG 3675

And as the group gets more familiar with one another, they discover that the ledge in the girl's dorm room makes a great bench

For hanging out and talking...

IMG 3674

Or for stretching out on...

IMG 3682

But as all days do, this one pulls to an end. We've amped up the excitement, learned a bit about each other, and learned lots about how to use the tools that will aid us in the week ahead. We've been quick to grasp hold of what we've learned and apply it - at whittling, at the chop saw, with drills - and when we wake up, we'll be ready to learn about our challenge.

IMG 3693

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