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2016 Session B - Middles

Session B: Day 7 - Take a Bow

2016 Session B - MiddlesCaroline Martin1 Comment

We made it, we built our theater, and had an excellent night celebrating its completion. Our movie lasted late last night, so we slept in this morning. Breakfast caps off with a round of love lasers, taking a moment to acknowledge each camper and collaborator with compliments and memories. There's lots of love to go around, as Bryn and Tenley show us.

end - 1.jpg

The rest of the morning is a blur. Families arrive and all the campers show off their giant performance space. 

Michaela and the Kablooi team put up their backdrop, which has dripped a little bit in the wet weather. We still like it; the drippiness makes it look surreal.

We put on some impromptu skits for the gathered crowd. Here is Bor, Devon, Patrick, and Victor sitting on an invisible bench...

Until Hugo tells them he moved the invisible bench a few hours ago.

Collaborator Kevin does a magic trick with McKenna, Morgan, and Victor.

There's even a performance of the camp favorite Smoke On The Water riff.

The crowd is amused.

Everyone hops on stage for curtain call. It's been a great week! 

Where do we go next? Midway station is still far away from our stage, and Tinker City still needs some City-ness. Stay tuned next week to see where we go!

Blog written by Caroline. 

Session B: Day 5 & 6 - TO WERK.

2016 Session B - MiddlesCaroline Martin4 Comments

Thursday and Friday combined today! After our beach day, we came back and were all excited to focus and work on our projects. Our morning conversations brought us together and after a little pep talk, we got down to business.

Team Kablooi needed to sew together some canvas for their backdrop, but we didn't have any needles. Collaborator Miles takes it upon himself to teach a mini blacksmithing class.

Ukuleles have gotten quite popular, and everyone is learning how to play some basic chords and riffs. Smoke On The Water has been twanging through camp all day.

Portrait of a Collaborator: Kevin pauses after considering what the next step for the stage is.

Snack time comes around! Bryn enjoys his orange while a little bit of sun peeks out.

The stage crew is finishing up their platform. Tenley takes a look at the plans.

thu - 13.jpg

Jenna has been really focused on making another frame for the swing seats. Here she's putting together another A-frame.

Devi, Eve, and Kira take their completed bench out to the field to test it out. It looks so fancy!

They pause to check it out at Midway, and Devi seems happy with their design.

They set to work on another iteration with new ideas about how to improve their last design.

Eve considers some other fastener ideas.

Victor tries out a familiar pose. It works for him. (Juan is heard yelling from behind the camera "hey, that's my look!")

Swing seat #1 has come together. Collaborator Caroline approves the safety of it.

Team Piki calls for all hands to lift their deck. The tinkerers work together to check the levels, attach legs, and measure for supports.

We're all building muscles this week! Hugo flexes his stuff.

Misha is on leg attachment duty. He's getting to be a driving master.

Hi Mac!

Devon has a good laugh during a break. Work hard, laugh hard.

Then it's back to gettin' it done. Devon has found the perfect balance.

Back with Kablooi, their backdrop is coming along beautifully. Madelyn adds some final details to the artistic masterpiece.

And some of us go explore the stream for a little bit of a break.

After dinner, Madelyn gets a surprise...

Happy birthday! Collaborator Rhody made her an apple pie and we all have some pie and ice cream to celebrate.

Exhausted from a full day, we retire to our yurts for a restful night of sleep. Friday still comes a little too soon, but we have much to do! We make a list to help us keep track of our various projects.

Roshambo continues to help us settle disputes. McKenna and Morgan decide who will take photographer duties first.

Juan helps work on the swing seat. It's coming along well!

The plywood starts to get on the stage, and Piki takes a break. Tenley, Jenna, and Bryn enjoy some apples in the sun.

Collaborator Kevin has been showing how math actually helps in real life applications. Math!

Anthony takes a quick break with a cucumber slice on the swing seat.

Nora takes in the nice blue sky in the sky bench.

Bor is getting the last of the plywood on the stage. Go Bor go!

duh - 23.jpg

Bryn has got his hands on what we call "Thor's baby rattle," a deadblow for getting the legs squared away.

Junior Collaborator Gilon takes a well-earned rest. He's been helping out a lot of bench teams today.

We've also put together another train for supply deliveries. A similar design, but new sick wheels.

Madelyn and Michaela have hidden themselves away to work on a long bench. They sort out the angles for the legs for optimal comfort.

Portrait of a Collaborator: Miles has been keeping his cool on this hot day.

Victor and Patrick celebrate another successful bench completion with stories on the swing.

Anthony, Juan, and Bor have become fast friends this week, and they show off the secret trap door on the stage.


The collaborators hop onto the stage and test it out, shifting and jumping to check for weak spots or wiggling. They are satisfied by the structural integrity, and so it's time to put the backdrop onto the stage.

Unfortunately, we are so preoccupied and coordinated that we forget to take photos. In a huge group effort, we lift and fit the backdrop onto the stage and tie it down. We devour our dinner and as the sun goes down, we bundle up, move all the chairs down to the stage, and settle in for one last evening together. We have decided to use our stage and backdrop to have an outdoor movie night, and have a highly-enjoyable showing of The Princess Bride. We laugh together and high five about all of our hard work; there's nothing better than getting to use all the things you make with your friends for a wonderful evening.

Tomorrow is our last day together, and we're looking forward to seeing each other put on skits and a talent show as our parents see the fruits of our labor. See you in the morning!

Blog written by Caroline, who apologizes for the lateness of this one.

Session B: Day 4 - Beach Reset

2016 Session B - MiddlesCaroline Martin5 Comments

Wednesdays are traditionally beach day, and this week is no different. We've been chugging along and by this time of the week, we all need a little change of pace. A beach adventure is just what will help us over the hump. 

We rally in the morning. Michaela and Jenna discuss lanyard tying methods while Anthony does some whittling.

Whittling has become quite a popular past time for the moments between activities. Madelyn makes her blood bubble known while we wait for everyone to gather.

Once everyone arrives, the collaborators go over some full-body signals we can use on the beach to communicate across long distances. 

Then we're off! We head south, hoping for some reprieve from the rain and fog, and land at a beach scattered with driftwood cabins and interesting tidal streams. It looks like a perfect playground for the afternoon.

To get to the driftwood structures, we have to cross a small river. It's fun to get our feet stuck in the sand. 

Anthony goes down to watch the waves crash onto the chilly beach.

While Patrick starts feeding himself to a sand monster.

The driftwood is fascinating for the tinkerers; the texture is exciting to capture.

beee - 23.jpg

Their photography chops are really coming along, by the way. (Later, while reviewing photos, we discuss why we find this photo so pleasing. There are so many good things going on with it!)

Juan is really killin it with his devotion to the red, white, and blue this week.

Bor checks out one of the driftwood houses. 

Some of the campers found ones they liked and stowed away in them to read for the entire time, and reported feeling extremely relaxed and refreshed. Kira is one such reader.


The beach is wonderful for resetting our stress levels. Anthony and Juan have a moment of meditation.

Others find solace in music. Collaborator Caroline finds her peace on the strings of her ukulele.

Nathan just wants some time to lay out on his towels and chat with friends.

Devon borrows Victor's camera for some photos of his own.

Running around is yet another way to recharge. Juan leads a game with friends, something about tiny sticks and battling seagulls?? Also, we had lunch.

Victor has been drawn to a little cove with a big wall to climb up. He alerts the others.

Someone has already scrambled up into an interesting opening in the wall. A few other adventurers hurry to join her.

They instruct each other on the best ways up. Eventually, McKenna, Morgan, Tenley, and Jenna are all up in the hole having their sandwiches.

Ever the trailblazer, Victor decides to lead the way to the top of the ridge on his own path.

Hugo spends a long portion of the day telling a spooky story to enthralled listeners.

Junior Collaborator Gilon has made a grave error. His boots are comically full of water, and we giggle as he pours them out.

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Devi is the ultimate beach modeler.

We pile back into the cars and go back to the ranch to take our Weekly Required Shower and settle back in. Soon enough, we're inspired to get back out there and build. Nathan, Bor, and Misha get back into the field to knock out a few parts of their project.

Collaborator and Steward Dee has made yet another delicious meal for us for dinner.

The tinkerers have perfected their food photography, we learn.

A long day requires a big meal with friends. We stuff ourselves silly with tacos and get some fresh-baked cookies, and go out to build into the evening. Tomorrow is another big push for the group, who have just learned that Friday night will be a talent show on their stage and a movie night projected on the theater wall. Everyone is refreshed and excited to see their project come together in the morning. Lights out happens in record time. 

Blog written by Caroline.


Session B: Day 3 - Self Portraits and Self Reflection

2016 Session B - MiddlesCaroline Martin4 Comments

Today was a little trying for our tinkerers. Tuesday is known for being one of the harder days of the week. We're tired from the first full day, we miss home a little bit, and many of our projects haven't come as far as we expected them to just yet. It's tough to have put in a lot of work but not have your vision yet in view. It requires a little bit of reflection: what do I really want to see myself do while I'm here? We've come up with group projects, but now we need to make them important to ourselves to keep us motivated. Today, we started finding out what those things were.

Just before breakfast is served, Mo and Jenna discover the blog left open from last night. They are delighted about seeing themselves in photos and the silly poses in which their new friends have been caught.

It gets them inspired. "Can we take pictures?" The collaborators see no reason to say no. The camera is handed off into small hands. The rest of this blog chronicles what various tinkerers found important enough to click away at. But first, Mo needs to figure out how this thing works.

We wake up to the marine layer giving us an ugly, soggy, chilly day, but a tinkerer still finds it lovely enough to capture.

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Victor puts on his serious face. He looks how we all feel in this weather.

We don't let the grey skies get us down, and we don't forget to still put on sunscreen. The sun is still out there, Devon! 

Juan saw that his smoking driver pose was popular for the blog yesterday, and so he perfects the pose. Werk it.

Collaborator Dee helps out Team Piki with their stage. They get a little stuck; everyone built so much so fast yesterday that we're out of some types of lumber. The next load is on its way, but for the moment, they have to figure out what to work on.

eey - 14.jpg

Not even this dank and dreary day can get Hugo down. You go, Hugo.

Team Nooi is grinding away on their various types of chairs. They've decided to make many different types available for theater-goers.

Bryn watches us from his sky bench perch.

Misha is eating well. He shows the camera just how well he can eat.

Truly, these kids can eat.

And it looks like Juan has the camera now.

Eve snatches a 2x3 to keep working on the Nooi seating.

eey - 37.jpg

Sasha's teaching Bryn how to finger knit the paracord so we can have some neatness in the tangled mess of the paracord bin.

Nooi is working on some swing seats! They go off to measure the seat to make sure the frame is right. Collaborator Caroline is trying to keep it together.

Nooi is also working on some chairs with a soft, flexible back. Devi and her team have implemented an interesting solution.

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Tenley awaits lunch, claiming her spot at the table.

Portrait of a Junior Collaborator: Does Mac do magic tricks? The tinkerers are sure to question him about it.

Portrait of Collaborators: Kevin knows how to make Rhody laugh.

McKenna steals away the camera for a one-on-one photoshoot.

Lunch has become a wonderful time for this group. We share riddles and word problems, swap stories, and laugh until our sides hurt.

eey - 52.jpg

After some questionable photo compositions are reviewed, there is a Photography 101 class. As part of it, the idea of the Rule of Thirds, where aesthetically pleasing compositions fall on imaginary lines that highlight the main points of the composition, is illustrated. The photos from this point on, we find, are somewhat more considered.

Portrait of a Junior Collaborator: Adam practices his ukulele.

The photographers start experimenting with lighting. Hugo is an excellent subject.

Our workshop gets some photolove. Remnants of the PK shrine remain on the walls.

eey - 58.jpg

And another lovely view. We're quite proud of our little shop. Is that blue sky?

The wood arrives! Thanks, Gever!

Suddenly the chop saw has a lot of work to do.

Meanwhile, a new form of communication between the tinkerers and the blog writer emerges:

Sure thing, Morgan. -Caroline

Deja vu?

Down at Midway Station, junior collaborators talk with some campers to figure out what projects would energize them the most. The campers pause to think about it. Misha and Nathan get together to fix up a few things we didn't get to last week.

Devi and Kira show off their extremely tactile-friendly chair backing. Now it just needs a way for people to sit on it.

eey - 74.jpg

It seems someone touched the camera lens, and a proper cleaning cloth is nowhere to be found. Part of the Nooi team tries out what will be the swing.

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Jenna doesn't care for cameras being this close.

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Patrick is crushing it today with the chair building.

Collaborator Dee and team seem to have made some repairs to the cart and they take a slow walk down the track to test it out. Unfortunately, the wheels aren't spaced quite right and the car gets stuck. Back to the drawing board.

Sasha gets caught smiling on the steps of the workshop.

Misha has made a chime! He wants it to alert people when the future window opens at Midway Station.

Victor has a riddle for you to answer before you can pass him. Riddles are all the rage here this week.

Hugo grabs a human clamp so he can finish his table for the yurt during free build time.

The swing logistics are getting sorted out. Morgan's sprained ankle from last week hurts a little bit, but she's back on her feet after a short break and some ice.

Caroline takes Piki up to the benches to describe the benefits of fashioning 2x4s together on their short sides rather than their wide flat sides. 

She gathers up Bor, Hugo, Tenley, and Bryn on the flat-sided 2x4. The team is concerned it will break, but a 2x4 is surprisingly strong. It would take much, much more weight to break this piece of lumber. However, it does start to sag under the weight. That's bad, because every time the board bends or bounces, it pulls on the screws attaching it, and makes the structure weaker, and therefore not as safe.

Piki learns that there's a huge difference in strength and flexibility when you simply turn the 2x4 on its side. They take turns trying to bounce on it, to no avail; it's way more sturdy. The team agrees that they should at the very least make the beams on their platform oriented the other way and maybe add more supports before putting on all their plywood flooring.

Down near the shop, Nooi has raised their swing seat. Bryn takes ride while Anthony talks about the engineering.

After a few more swings by other campers, the collaborators notice a crack forming along the length of one of the supports. They decide to decommission the swing for the day and come back to it tomorrow.

Kira has worked hard all day, and like many of the tinkerers, managed to dodge the camera all day. She gets caught now.

By the time dinner is served, the excited photographers have worn the battery out. After dinner, excited builders run back out to keep working into the soggy night until the collaborators are forced to make them stop. We have a circle to reflect on all that has happened in the day and what we want to work on in the morning. Some tinkerers lament the setting of the sun, but tomorrow is beach adventure day and we need our energy! Send good, warm, sunny vibes for us all.

Blog written by Caroline, with big thanks to all the photographers that told us about their day through photos.

Session B: Day 2 - Fourth of July Excitement

2016 Session B - MiddlesCaroline Martin3 Comments

Happy Fourth of July! Today being the first full day of camp and a holiday made for a particularly interesting and busy day, so buckle in.

The day started off as gorgeous as ever. We got breakfast in our bellies and made our way down to the workshop to talk about the plan for our day.

Yesterday we were so busy getting everything started and familiarizing ourselves with our tools and each other, we hadn't had a chance to play with last week's project, the Tinker Express. We start off the day giving everyone a ride, with first ride going to the winner of Roshambo competition.

We're not exactly sure what to think of the train at first, testing slow and careful.

But soon we're more confident with our junior tinkerers' work, and enjoy ourselves in the beautiful morning.

Or just relax on a leisurely roll down to Midway. It's nice to take a look at all the nature around us.

At one point, we have a bad combination of too much comfort with a system we didn't know enough about, and a flaw that had started with a little too much weight at some point. This was the final ride for the day, just before the derailment. (Not to bury the lede: Everyone Is Fine.) You can see the front guide wheel on the right has become a bit bent in the photo. 


This, combined with an uneven load and an ever-so-slight gap in the track, allow the train car to catch, the guide wheel to fall into an unforgiving angle, and the cart to be in the merciless hands of Lady Gravity. Anthony is her first victim. Somehow, a photo happens during this moment. 

guh - 1 (1).jpg

Everyone Is Fine. Hugo lands safely, and Anthony describes heroically landing on his face, walking away from the crash with nothing but a sore wrist and a little bit of a scrape. 

We take a moment to suss out the problem. Junior Collaborator Gilon shows off the faulty wheel as we decommission the train car for the day.

It's time to diagnose the problem, figure out how it all went wrong, and the best way to fix it. We decide to set it aside for now.

Collaborator Caroline rounds up the troops to discuss (finally!) the big project of the week. We have all this space! Wouldn't it be cool to make Tinker City?

The reveal happens: this week, we're working on a theater! The multi-use construction will give us a place to put on plays, project movies at night, and gather for any other entertainment. We'll need to build a stage, seating, and scenery. After a quick vote for camper interest, Caroline splits up the groups for the week into the traditional Piki, Nooi, and Kablooi, respectively.

Team Piki: Hugo, Nate, Misha, Bor, Sasha, Bryn, and Tenley, with Collaborator Kevin, will be working on the stage. At their first meeting, they decide what they want the stage to look like and what problems they might encounter.

guh - 22.jpg

One of the most important questions, and an excellent answer.

They also make some group agreements, and everyone signs. 

Team Nooi: Devon, Kira, Anthony, McKenna, Jenna, Eve, Patrick, and Devi, with Collaborator Rhody, will be working on the seating. They start brainstorming on different seating arrangements and logistics.

They also make some agreements.

Team Kablooi: Morgan, Nora, Victor, Michaela, Madelyn, and Juan, with Collaborator Miles, are on scenery. They want to be able to change sets easily, and maybe make some 3D set pieces. Who wants to start working?

They come up with a design for the backdrop wall and  a cut list: pieces they need to have exist before they can begin construction. 

Kablooi, too, comes up with group agreements. They seem to be on the same page as Piki and Nooi.

McKenna pauses in Nooi discussion to eat a piece of fruit she has seen and wants. 

With ideas bubbling in their heads, they have one more type of training to go to. Caroline has everyone circle up for an important discussion.

At Tinkering School, one of the keys to success is respect and trust between campers, collaborators, and staff. One way we show that we trust the campers is by presenting them with the opportunity to have a pocket knife.

There are five rules to using a pocket knife:
1. Always cut away from yourself
2. Be aware of your blood bubble (the length of your arm + the length of your blade)
3. Keep your knife locked
4. Keep your knife sharp
5. Have at least three points of contact.

To earn a knife, each tinkerer comes up one at a time to recite the five rules and demonstrate their knowledge by creating a pointy stick (a favorite amongst Tinkering School knife-wielders). Michaela proves her knowledge of the locking mechanism before telling Caroline to remove herself from the blood bubble.

Some receive their knives on the first go around, others take a second or third shot to show that they have the safety knowledge ingrained. The stick gets more and more pointy.

The tinkerers wait patiently for their turn, but soon everyone has a knife and they're off foraging for the perfect stick to pointy. Devi practices her technique.

The groups return to each other to start building. Kira on team Nooi is working out how to make a comfortable seat back.

Kablooi has built their backdrop wall in record time. Juan blows off his smoking drill.

Twins McKenna and Mo take a quick break to giggle to themselves on the sky bench. 

In preparation for the fire tonight, Caroline goes in search of marshmallow roasting sticks. The eucalyptus provides.

guh - 84.jpg

Kablooi tests out their scenery wall and checks for mislaid screws. It's bigger and heavier than anticipated, and they're quite happy with that.

We all have good progress today, and decide to treat ourselves. Victor, Anthony, and Devon hang out on the sky bench and enjoy the evening, holding their newly acquired knives and idly feeling the weight of them in their hands while they hang out.

The porthole is a good way to take a peek at what's happening in the shop. Hugo and Nate are caught in the act.

Portrait of a Tinkerer: McKenna has it all under control, we think.

During free time, Eve practices her whittling, while sisters Devi and Kira do some braiding.

Hurry, Hugo, it's time for dinner!

We discover Bryn has the superpower to eat a full watermelon should he ever want to, maybe even two. It may require further testing.

Collaborator Dee and Cook Paul have treated us to a special homemade Fourth of July cake. America!

Finally, it's time for the fire. Usually this happens on Friday night, but for the special occasion, and our inability to use fireworks at our current location, we decide to move it up. Do we like this idea, O Chance Cube?

Junior Collaborator Gil does the honors.

Juan, Bor, and Victor work on their pointy sticks for the imminent s'mores.

Jenna enjoys herself on the tire-horse.

After a hard day of working, Misha eats a well-deserved s'more. (He wants me to write here, "hi mom and dad!")

It gets dark and drizzly before we know it, but we need one last marshmallow!

guh - 126.jpg

We walk back to the yurts in the twilight, lead by headlamps and laughter. Everyone falls asleep quickly tonight, knowing we all have much to do in the morning. 

Blog post written by Caroline.

Session B: Day 1 - Get the Ball Rolling

2016 Session B - MiddlesCaroline Martin3 Comments

Welcome to a new week of camp! Move-in day for the second week of Tinkerers was a beautiful day in Half Moon Bay. Last week was the beginning of something a little bit different for Tinkering School: we didn't break down our project, and instead left it up as the start of Tinker City, a metropolis built week by week. (We highly encourage you to go back and check out the awesomeness known as the Tinker Express built by our 8-10 year-olds last week.)

We have an enthusiastic group of builders moving in this afternoon, and they quickly start finding their camp friends.

Jenna marvels at the yurts from her new bunk. 

Devi and her sister, Kira, came to us all the way from Australia. Devi gets used to the yurt life before we meet up for our first circle.

At our first circle, we get to know each other a little bit. We introduce ourselves and try to name our spirit tools -- whatever tool they relate to most. In this group, we have dremels, rope, deadblows, and chop saws. Collaborator Caroline goes over the rules of Tinkering School.

And then it's off to learn about our tools! Among the many tools we use on a daily basis, the chop saw is one that requires a little more attention. How do we use it? Collaborator Rhody is about to explain.

After we get our safety gear on and give our silent thumbs up, Bor chops into some 2x3s for practice.

Jenna demonstrates a cut to her fellow tinkerers. Everyone seems to have it down quickly.

Next it's on to clamps. Who knows what they do?

The groups show off their clamping masterpieces, seeing what crazy contraptions they can come up with with all the clamps available in the workshop.

Our most used tool is the power drill, which is actually a little trickier to master than most expect. Collaborator Dee shows us the importance of respecting drill bits. After all, they're spinning, twisted knives.

Collaborator Kevin shows Juan what pieces of wood still need to be screwed together in their practice session, while smaller groups tackle their drilling.

wuh - 44.jpg

Armed with all their new knowledge, the tinkerers head up to some well-deserved dinner. Dee has made an excellent salad, and our cook, Paul, has made us some homemade lasagna for us all to enjoy.

The lasagna is a total hit. We all chat around the dinner table, getting to know each other better and finding out where we're all from. 

After dinner, Collaborator Miles issues a challenge: what team of three can make a tennis ball go the farthest? The catch is, the teams can't use any power tools, but they can use any materials they can find in the shop, as well as any hand tools. The teams split up and rush down to see what treasures the workshop is hiding.

We can't use the chop saw, but hand saws are fair game.

Anthony is upset to find that we don't have nails to use with the hammer he found. He'll find another way to make it work!

Madelyn, Devon, and McKenna work out the first iteration of their idea. What will it become?

Nate and Kira work together to build legs for their sling-shot-insprired machine.

Devi, Patrick, and Hugo discuss the best methods of attaching their bungie to the wood.

Mo, Bryn/Nyrb, and Victor are doing some tinkering with paracord.

wuh - 68.jpg

The campers only have an hour to complete their machines. Collaborator Miles helps do some last-minute knot magic for a group.

Time's up! The fog is rolling in and the sun has gone down. Junior Collaborators Gilon and Mac walk down to bring all the kiddos up to the parking lot.

All seven teams line up at the starting line with their various machines, giggling and lamenting about their lack of time to finish to their visions to their liking. Time to show them off!

Team #1 is up, with Devon, Kira, and Michaela. They prepare their sling shot.

Devon lets out a yell as the tennis ball flops out of the basket and rolls along the ground, and Michaela covers her face, laughing. Our first failure! We cheer regardless for their effort and good humor.

Team #2 is next, and Mo steps out in front of the crowd. Their machine didn't quite come together, she explains as she holds the ball in one hand and a deadblow in the other. In her practices, she had whacked the tennis ball a fair distance, but as she swung her mighty hammer during the finals, she missed and the ball bounced away. We hoot and holler at her team's efforts.

Team #3 is ready for their turn. Eve and Jenna steady the fulcrum while Juan leaps onto the board. The tennis ball flies through the foggy air and lands about 30 feet away. The best record yet!

Team #4, composed of Bor, Tenley, and Nora, has done something entirely different. They built a pulley-like system between the starting line and well past the 100ft mark. This all technically follows the rules, and we're curious to see it all in action.

Their tennis ball chariot drags along the gravel, but it carries the ball nevertheless. The collaborators are impressed with this ingenuity. The team manages to knock the end post over to release the ball approximately 130 ft away from the starting point. The other teams seem put out, but they carry on.

Team #5 has a catapult design. Misha launches himself onto the lever, but the stick isn't long enough and the ball hits his shoulder on the way out and rolls backwards.

Team #6 has an intricate slingshot. They've stolen a dinner bowl as a basket. We're all very interested.

But it comes apart mid-release. It's hard not having power tools, we're finding.

Finally group #7 sets up their slingshot, a simple cross with bungie. Devon and Madelyn hold tight while McKenna pulls it as far back as she can...

But there are some structural issues. Whoops! 

After we celebrate our constructions and have a good talk about the importance of failure, graceful failure, and persistence, we all deconstruct our projects and get ready for bed. We've had a very full day, and we have our first full day together tomorrow. In the morning, we'll talk about this week's big project, split into groups, and celebrate Independence Day with each other. Until then, Happy Fourth!

Blog written by Caroline, with late-night editing assistance from Adam.


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