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Overnight Camp Collaborator and Assistant Collaborator Summer 2019

This is a position for our Overnight Camp at Tinkering School in Half Moon Bay, California.


Tinkering School is a place where kids build amazing things. We are looking for that rare person who can both build incredible things and work with kids as peer, mentor, and guardian. We are looking for someone who though may know how to make a go-cart, is willing to let kids take the lead and work with them to make their own ideas become a reality. This person can deftly improvise a wheel and axel solution with nothing more than a threaded rod and some wood.  They also love and have experience working with kids and see them as whole and awesome people who deserve our focus and respect.

They can sit patiently with the needs of an 8 year old, and can talk to our teenagers like the adults they are becoming.


We are hiring a number of Collaborators, Assistant Collaborators this summer. You will be working with our Founder, Gever, the camp staff, and a rotating cast of volunteers and visiting Day Camp Counselors.


Collaborators are folks who are generally over age 18 who have been adequately trained on shop safety, social and emotional support, and overall project management.

Assistant Collaborator
Assistant Collaborators are folks who are generally younger than 18 who have been Tinkering School alumni or interns and are anticipating growing into the role of a Collaborator.  


Apply to join our team by emailing info@tinkeringschool.com with your resume, a cover letter, and samples (photos are fine) of some cool project you’ve worked on. Applications accepted on a rolling basis (sooner is better). Submit your application in PDF format only, please.



  • Comfortable using a chop saw, power drill, drill press and all general purpose shop tools

  • Boundless Energy; overnight camp means being responsible to and for kids all day, everyday

  • Incredibly flexible. Every plan is a starting place and subject to change.

  • Additional experience with project-based curriculum design, working with gifted children, knowledge of inclusive special education theory and practice, fine arts, applied arts or any other personal superpowers are welcomed.


  • Experience working with kids, especially in the 8-16 age range

  • Experience in open ended building and educational environments

  • Experience finishing projects on a deadline

  • A valid driver’s license (not necessary for AC)

  • Having your own car is preferred but not needed (not necessary for AC)

  • While we welcome out-of-town applicants, as a nonprofit camp we are unable to reimburse the cost of any travel associated with the hiring process

Working Hours and Dates

You will be employed with us from 6/10/2019 until 8/25/2019
Camp is in session from 6/24/2019 to 8/16/2019

The Summer Schedule by week:
Set up week - June 10-14
Training week - June 17-21
Session 1 - June 24-28
Session 2 - July 1-5
Session 3 - July 8-12
Session 4 - July 15-19
Session 5 - July 22-26
Session 6 - July 29 - August 2
Session 7 - August 5-9
Session 8 - August 12-16
Reset week - August 19-21

Like all the overnight camp positions, this position is 24 hours a day most days. We will make sure every staff member has one full day off every 7 days.

Clean up and break down at the end of summer

This is a big deal and hard work. We leave the property better than we found it. Timing has been different each year; you will be paid for however long it takes to break the camp down.




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