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BUILDTIONARY-One Day All-Girls Workshop

All Girls, Open Ended Design, Unusual MaterialsRachel EconomyComment

Today, we built a California Bumblebee Disco Ball with Eyebrows and Spirals.


You know, like usual. Just another creative, wacky day at the Tinkering School!


In fact, as far as I know, we have never before built a Californian Bumblebee Disco Ball with Eyebrows and Spirals. Perhaps no one has! We could be the first.


The way this wild and amazing amalgam came about was as follows: it was a rainy Sunday. We wound up with a very small and very hard-working group for our all-girls workshop. We sat down at a table after tool training, and we filled a hat with slips of paper. On those slips of paper were words- all the words we could think of.


Then, throughout the day and starting with our first design session, we pulled words from the hat, adding them to our design prompt and our tinkering.

First, it was a Disco Ball Bumblebee.



Then, it was a Disco Ball Bumblebee with Spirals and Eyebrows.


Teamwork on the bandsaw brake!

Teamwork on the bandsaw brake!


And finally, as the day was drawing to a close, the eyebrows were cut carefully on the bandsaw (out of wood- no actual eyebrows were harmed in the process), and the glittering mirrors were affixed to the body of the bee, we found out that the bee was from California.



This game of pictionary-turned-buildtionary kept every tinkerer and collaborator engaged, thinking on our toes, and having to re-imagine and re-negotiate throughout the day. It also added a delicious mystery, anticipation, and surprise to a grey Sunday. Each tinkerer got to use a large number of tools and materials, and at the end, our parents and families came in to try to guess what it was we had built. 

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