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Gravity Karts!

Tinkering Challenge, Problem SolvingSean Murray

For the first One Day Workshop of the year, thirteen young tinkerers came in and spent a Saturday building gravity-powered (i.e. motorless) karts.

Addy tests an early iteration of her kart's steering mechanism.

The day began with tool safety training. We looked at an example kart to get inspiration for wheel mounts, steering mechanisms and the all-important seat.

Ben weighs the costs and benefits of installing steering ropes (rather than just pushing the axle with his feet).

Here at Tinkering School, we know that not every project is guaranteed success--if you are really, truly building your own gravity kart, failure is a distinct possibility.

So, we were thrilled when all six groups managed to produce working, steering karts.

Cameron and Zachary handle the eyebolts to which they'll mount their steering rope.

The karts were as unique and varied as their users. Visit our Flickr page for more pictures and videos of the karts in action!

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