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One Day Workshop : Land Train

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Today our goal was a Land Train. Three teams working together to build as many train cars as possible. One team built a car big enough and wide enough to hold the 7 people. Another team built one with a wooden roof and enclosure. The third team, our youngest, knocked out the most at a whopping three train cars. It worked, it rolled, and it was really fun to make.

All of our workshops start with tool training and safety.

With the train car challenge ahead, we dove right into brainstorming and design.

And then the building began! Each team took wildly diverging approaches. Some with solid axels, others with individuated wheels, and some took the assembly line approach and made multiple, simple, high-quality carts.

Lucas takes on a tricky attachment scheme to hold our wheel box to the main body of the trolly car part of the train.

Our youngest team puts the finishing touches on their second train car.

The front engine and trolly-esk car really takes shape once the roof is put on.

Dominic puts in some lovely touches, adding coat hangers for passengers with traveling gear.

Augusta takes a go on the chop-saw cutting a piece to connect the trains.

Sean and Anna put the finishing details on the final connection to complete our train.

It was a short ride, filled with the sweet knowledge that we built this all by ourselves.

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