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One Day Workshop : Elevators

Problem Solving, Tinkering Challenge, Rope, Technical SkillsAccounts at Brightworks

The goal of the day; make two working elevators. We started of with a noisy hour of tool training and practice to quickly get the basic skills needed to build something spectacular. From there we designed, thought, and got to making.

We get acquainted with the chop saw and the drills.

From there we announced the project and began planning. We drew and discussed our ideas. One essential element was the rope and pulley set that would eventually lift us. Josh lead a lesson in cutting synthetic rope with a hot piece of metal.

One team pursued the base first while another chased a frame that was a nearly a cube. Both teams needed to do a lot of drilling.

One team pursued a sort of suspended tackle block. The precision of the holes that would eventually hold the pulleys was key. These girls handled it like pros.

The cube takes shape!

And the custom tackle block comes together.

A knot tying guru enters a zen state.

And we take off. A few feet into the sky is the limit for the day. Those few feet where impossible just 5 hours ago. And now we are floating on a device of our own hard work.

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