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One Day Workshop - Anywhere Swings

Tinkering Challenge, Rope, Problem Solving, Interactive, Engineering ChallengeJosh Rothhaas

Today we took on what sounds like a simple challenge. Make a swing that can be put up and taken down anywhere. The putting up is easy if you've got one decently strong looped knot in your mental collection, some rope, a piece of wood and some time to think about it. A swing that can be gotten back down, without climbing the tree or cutting the rope down, is something else entirely.

We trained with tools and practiced the figure eight knot.

We laid out a design.

And we got to work.

Some kids made their swings to swing on low branches.

Others made them to swing on high branches.

The designs where full of clever solutions dealing with weight and friction.

And then we swung on our creations!

See more photos on our flickr.

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