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Intro To Welding January 4th

Welding, Technical Skills, Open Ended Design, MetalJosh Rothhaas

Intro to welding is quickly becoming one of our most fun and popular workshops. Wielding 90-120 volts and hundreds of amps to bring steal to over 4,000 degrees to melt steal into liquid and let it freeze into a shape of our choosing is something that may never get old.

The day starts with safety training and skill building. We start with making straight lines of bead and move into binding corners.

Using a base set of pieces we ask the kids to get creative within constraints. However if their imagination takes them towards needing longer or shorter piece we have our trusty new portable band saw on hand to make the cuts.

The projects ranges from flower holders and wall mounted night stands to miniature chairs and abstract art.

Todays crew epitomized pertinence, awareness of others, and courtesy. "Do you need help clamping that?" and "He can go first, his welds are easier and faster than mine" were heard again and again all day.

There is a deep need to clean our hands after working with metal dust and grease.

Once the welds set, its time for grinding. The kids really get into smoothing out and polishing their welds, giving their pieces a shine to be proud of. Also, the angle grinder is really cool to use.

We have magnetic corners that really make nailing the corners a whole lot easier and more fun.

Be sure to check out even more photos from the day.

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