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Attack of the Giant Ants

Problem Solving, Engineering Challenge, Aesthetic ChallengeSean Murray

The Pulitzer-winning tome The Ants estimates the total, global population of ants at any given time to be about ten thousand trillion. That is, there are about 10,000,000,000,000,000 ants alive as you read this...

...They must be up to something.

This Saturday, we built the two largest ants ever seen in San Francisco. 

As always, the day began with training on how to safely make wood smaller (chopsaw) and larger (drills and screws). With these simple tools, we can build complex things, like huge torsos and heads held aloft by spindly legs.

This workshop was marked by awesome teamwork among our young builders. Everywhere you looked, kids were helping one another push drills, clamp tricky leg-connectors, fetch the next tool, or just give some encouragement.

It felt great to be a part of such collaboration, so many individuals working together towards one common goal--kind of like ants.

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