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All for One and One Couch For All

Lindsay Jones

For our second All Girl Workshop we decided to make the Biggest Couch in the World! That way we could all relax together after a long day of hardwork!

Team Side-Arm figured out how we were going to get up on the couch and not fall off the ends.

Ana and Penelope turn their frame on its side so they can get some help from gravity.

One arm goes up!

They got really creative and made a climbing wall for one end and a ladder for the other!

The most exciting way to get on a couch yet!

Team Seat-Butt cranked out sections to sit on.

Stella and Effi square up their frame.

Morgan and Peri add supports to connect the back to the front when it is ready.

Did we say Did we say "sectional"? This couch is gonna be "sectionFULL"!!

Once we figured out how to make one section the tinkerers could split into teams and have several sections in progress at once.

After we framed the couch it was time to make seats!

Effi uses the bandsaw to trim some plywood.

Emmy used the skillsaw to cut pieces that were too large to fit on the bandsaw.

Let's get vertical! Ver-ti-cal !

At the end of the day the two teams attached their sections to make The Biggest Couch In The World! It was interesting to see how the two teams working from the same measurements, made different design choices and turned out ever so slightly different sections.

After a safety test everyone climbed up and enjoyed a well deserved lounge on our custom couch!


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