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November Welding

Welding, Problem Solving, PrototypingLindsay Jones

This Intro to Welding class we got up close and personal with the welder right off the bat.

After everyone got the feel of the welding gun with Diana each person dug around in the scrap bin and started welding things together!

We had some really fun, round scrap pieces to inspire the class and give us some hurdles to work around. Round things only touch flat things in one little spot and are super tricky to clamp, so we got really creative at positioning and also learned how to spot weld.  These pieces were also really rusty. We discovered that the rust makes it really hard to make an arc and this group of tinkerers were amazingly patient; either scrubbing the rust off of their pieces or welding really slowly and attentively.

A lot of really interesting creations evolved out of some welders' practice pieces.  Other people had a clear vision of what they wanted to make when they arrived and they got straight into planning how to make their vision a reality. At the end of the day a group of grinning tinkerers shared their creations and a tricky situation they struggled with while learning to weld. What a satisfying day!

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