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All Girls Welding!

All Girls, Welding, Open Ended DesignLindsay Jones

We recently had a day for young women to come try their hands at welding! Our Intro to Welding class is a great way to get a feel for using a welder and get comfortable making sparks and heating up metal!

We start off talking about what dangers we might encounter while welding and how to counteract them so that everyone stays safe. Then we all don the safety gear and get to it!

But wait! Before we can make sparks fly we have to figure out how to keep our pieces in position, how to hold on to the welding gun with giant gloves on, and where to put ourselves so we can weld as well as possible! Whoa! So much to think about at once!

The girls weld scraps together all morning, checking each bead to see if they need to move slower or change their hand motions. Pretty soon it's time for snacks and design time!

After the plans were laid, all manner of measuring and cutting began. This group all had very unique projects and they had to custom cut almost everything!

These tinkerers showed a lot of perseverance and patience while learning how to use the welders and they all left with impressive creations. It's always exciting to see each Tinkerer bring their designs to life and see in their faces how proud they are of their accomplishments.

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