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The R-egg-ulator

Problem Solving, Open Ended Solution, Prototyping, NarrativeLindsay Jones

On Sunday we were expecting a large volume of ping pong eggs to be laid by our Rainbow Ping Pong Chicken.  We figured the best thing to do with a surplus of 200 ping pong eggs was to cook them all into a giant omelette!

After tool training with the chop saw and drills we split into teams to build a coop for the Rainbow Ping Pong Chicken to feel comfortable enough to lay her eggs in, an egg regulator  - so that only one egg would roll down the ramp at a time, a ramp to get the eggs to the pan, and the giant frying pan!

The team figuring out how to actually regulate the eggs leaving the coop and rolling down the ramp had their work cut out for them.  This part of the system had to be very precise.  After meticulously measuring how big the eggs were, thinking and rethinking the design - they got to work on the contraption.

Meanwhile, not only is the giant frying pan taking shape, but that team also has a giant spatula in the works too!

The ramp team has built a nice series of channels for the eggs to roll down. Next they begin to shore them up and do test runs.  They also began another project - a teeter totter to get an egg over a gap.

While a handle is installed on the frying pan and the egg basket is installed inside the coop the egg regulator team is hard at work testing and iterating their design.

Finally! At the end of the day...

The Giant Frying Pan is rolled over the flames! The geniuses of team Giant Frying Pan put casters on the bottom of it so we could keep the pan moving, so the eggs wouldn't burn!

The ramps were in place and the R-egg-ulator was installed. Our first test would be our only test.

With Giant Spatula at the ready the chicken started layin'! Our R-egg-ulator worked about 50% of the time, with two eggs coming out at once if we didn't keep an eye on it.  We got all of the eggs into the frying pan and had a lot of fun cooking them up!

We had a lot of fun taking such a silly situation very seriously with these Tinkerers. They came up with some great solutions and some seriously fun ideas to make the omelette making really entertaining.  We did some serious tinkering as well, with the ramp team getting partially finished with their teeter-totter and the many iterations of the R-egg-ulator.  These girls accomplished a lot in one day!

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